Happiness is

Coffee with the perfect amount of milk

Sunny bike rides that relax me

Pain-free, sweaty runs

Listening to music that inspires me

Making one of my students smile

Cuddling Patrick when he’s a sleepy butt

Making and eating tasty pasta

Seeing wildflowers on the side of the road

Hugs from my students

Getting stronger at doing push-ups

My puppies’ reactions when I say “outside”

Talking to people I haven’t seen in awhile

Doing a craft and being proud of it

Hanging out with all my siblings

Making Liam and Clara laugh

Getting off an airplane

Finding that really cozy spot in bed

Putting on a sweatshirt when I’m chilly

Finding ripe avocados at HEB

Having a nice exchange with a cashier

Being content being alone

Reading books I really like

Waking up to a good hair day

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