2017 B Reel

Happy New Year’s Eve!

All throughout Instagram and Facebook I’ve seen the most amazing 2017 Highlight Reels of peoples lives and it has definitely inspired me to take trips to certain places and to try new things in 2018.

When I thought about my 2017 I realized it definitely wasn’t the best year of my life. It was full of ups and downs and a lot of change. It challenged me and changed me and made me cry both tears of grief and joy. A lot of things happened: some good, some bad. It was like the longest hike of my life. At some points I was ready for it to be over, to take a nap, or to just set up camp where I was. At other times, I was joyfully eating my Funyuns and ready to take on the next section.

Nonetheless, in lieu of the standard highlight reel of the year, I’d like to present to you the B-Reel of my year. In no way is this a ranting session, but rather an honest look at my year in its entirety. Perfectly imperfect. Silly and messy. Exactly as it should’ve been.


I had to take an online economics class. It was brutal and boring. I skipped most of the time. And honestly, I barely passed the class. #yolo


Patrick took Erica and I out to Lime Creek to ride up Bullock Hollow. It was cold and I didn’t wear gloves and I was grumpy and fought with Patrick the whole way out until I bought a chocolate croissant and my mood improved. Once we got to the climb, I was so scared I cried at the bottom. I stopped and cried 1/4th of the way up. And then I cried when I reached the top. Noticing a theme? It turned into a good, proud cry though. Patrick bought me a burger after, so it all ended well.


Patrick and I had an incredible Spring Break road trip. However, one day we got to Saguaro NP at 1 pm. It was 93 degrees and I was all “hey! Let’s do this short 4 mile hike. It’ll be great!” I’m bad with directions. Said hike turned out to be 8 miles and we didn’t bring much water or any snacks. We survived! And got funyuns afterwards, obviously.


Erica’s first century. Um. Let’s just say I go to a very dark place on long bike rides. I was not pleasant to be around by any means. I was ready to slash everyone’s tires. This picture is of me eating jelly beans 80 miles in. Things were finally looking up at that point.


Patrick’s horrific bike crash. It happened two days before my graduation and Patrick kept me up at night with his moans and groans of pain. I almost tried to knock him out using pressure points. I had gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before my graduation. If you can’t tell, I’m still salty about that one. But it’s okay because Patrick understands and he’s totally fine.


Living in DC! Walking to Trader Joe’s! Drinking crappy kombucha! Kosmic Kombucha forever.


Sabrina and Mathew came to visit us in DC! It was super fun. The night they were supposed to leave, there was smoke in the air control tower for the DC area so everyone had to evacuate and all flights were canceled. Like all 3 major DC area airports were out of commission. It was wild! We picked them back up from the airport at midnight and then struggled to navigate the tollway. Maybe made some illegal maneuvers. #yolo #again


Due to the rain in Austin from Hurricane Harvey, the transformer on our half of our apartment complex died so we were without electricity for 5 days. This wasn’t even a city of Austin problem. It was our dang complex. Blake invited us over to shower and cook and he microwaved butter for garlic bread in a shot glass because why wouldn’t you?


I was driving to work and felt something roll out from under my seat. I touched it and thought it was the most stale, probably moldy bread roll I would have ever seen. Nope. Just a sprouting sweet potato. Carry on.


Ah yes. Something in the water fountains at McKinney Falls gave me a fungal infection on my lips. MY LIPS. Cue the most painful, uncomfortable month of my life. So itchy, so unsightly, so painful, so dry, so oozing, so chapped. If you saw me in October and thought my mouth looked horrific, you were right. Also yes, I do blame the water fountains at McKinney Falls because when this finally healed up, I went back there and drank out of the fountains again and it happened again. It was the only common denominator.


My mom, Erica, Patrick, and I went camping in Government Canyons which was a blast. We went on this ten mile hike in which Patrick and I fought for probably 4 miles of it. He’s dumb. We made up, obviously. But not without funyuns first. Snickers are to those people in the commercials as funyuns are to me in real life.


Bear threw up in the car on the way home for Christmas. And then Alaska commandeered the car. And then Bear threw up again. Merry Christmas to us!

For 2018…

Much love,


Drive safely tonight.

Have a DD.

Call an Uber.

Make good decisions.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


Sometimes it just feels

Hi. Happy Monday. This is sort of a letter to myself. I needed it today and maybe you do too.


Doing really scary things doesn’t always feel scary.

Sometimes it just feels like a bad idea. Like “what was I ever thinking?!” kind of bad.

Sometimes it just feels like an option. Oh, I could do that, but I don’t have to if something else comes up.

Sometimes it just feels maddening. It somehow pops into your every thought and consumes you.

Sometimes it just feels complete, even when it’s not. Oh, at least I started it. Better than nothing! Good enough.

Sometimes it just feels like a tug. Maybe it was your imagination? Could you possibly want this? Surely not.

Sometimes it just feels like butterflies in your throat. Excited? Nervous? Both.

Sometimes it just feels inconvenient. Uncomfortable. Ugh, but it’s soooo much work.

Sometimes it just feels right. And you are still terrified. It’ll be a lot of work. There will be a lot of planning required. There will be bridges to cross and hoops to jump through.

But you must





To the courageous.

To the wild.

To you.