Sometimes it just feels

Hi. Happy Monday. This is sort of a letter to myself. I needed it today and maybe you do too.


Doing really scary things doesn’t always feel scary.

Sometimes it just feels like a bad idea. Like “what was I ever thinking?!” kind of bad.

Sometimes it just feels like an option. Oh, I could do that, but I don’t have to if something else comes up.

Sometimes it just feels maddening. It somehow pops into your every thought and consumes you.

Sometimes it just feels complete, even when it’s not. Oh, at least I started it. Better than nothing! Good enough.

Sometimes it just feels like a tug. Maybe it was your imagination? Could you possibly want this? Surely not.

Sometimes it just feels like butterflies in your throat. Excited? Nervous? Both.

Sometimes it just feels inconvenient. Uncomfortable. Ugh, but it’s soooo much work.

Sometimes it just feels right. And you are still terrified. It’ll be a lot of work. There will be a lot of planning required. There will be bridges to cross and hoops to jump through.

But you must





To the courageous.

To the wild.

To you.

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