Erica, you better read this

For her 20th birthday Erica jokingly asked for a blog post that was “20 Reasons Why Erica Is The Best On The Earth”.

Unfortunately for her, she’s not getting that. Why? 1. I was too lazy to write down more than 10 reasons. 2. This is 3 days late, so it’s technically not her birthday.

She’ll just have to deal with it. Also, dearest Erica, you’ll probably have a bone to pick with all the pictures I choose. Too bad so sad.

Without further adieu, here’s a measly 10 reasons why Erica is the best on earth 😉

1. Homegirl rode her bike across the country. Which is impressive in and of itself, I’m sure you agree. However, she was also terrified and way out of her comfort zone. The best adventures and life stuff always are at least a little scary. She fought every ounce of anxiety and fear that the big adventure would bring and DID IT ANYWAY.

2. Erica overcame lots of setbacks and indecisiveness regarding her path in school and eventually ended up applying to nursing school. SISTA GOT IN. How? Why?? Because she’s capable, phenomenal, wildly intelligent, hard working, and compassionate. She’ll make an incredible nurse.

3. She has a never ending pit of sass in her soul. You thought you were clever and got away with your attitude? Lol try again. Erica will take you down a peg. She can also lift you up and make you feel really good about yourself, but you might have to feed her first.

4. She lets me drag her to the food bank to volunteer with me. She also makes it 100038 times more fun in the process. Erica is very generous with her time and has a heart for service. I love her.

5. She’s a burger fanatic. Like if Erica’s picky about anything it’s cookies, burgers, and her insta captions. She’s also willing to pay for my food too which I appreciate.6. Erica will walk my dogs even when they annoy her like crazy. She will normally put up a bit of a fight about it and ask for extraordinary amounts of money (like $500 if one of the dogs poops) but she does it for free. 7. Erica has become an excellent running buddy! Our paces varied for a long time so it was difficult for us to run together, but now we’re almost exactly the same! She challenges me and makes me sprint, but she also makes me laugh which is so so important.8. Almost four years ago now (holy crap) Erica and I road tripped to Colorado. Now Erica and I can have our moments and get really nasty with each other, because we’re siblings and that’s just what you do. However we knew that it would be awkward if we got in a fight because I’m willing to stay mad forever, so Erica invented the goat face. What could that possibly mean, you ask? Well if one of us was being impossible and grumpy then the other had the right to do the goat face and ultimately break the tension and force a better mood. It worked like a charm. Even when Erica almost got us stranded out in West Texas because she didn’t warn me that we were almost out of gas.9. This memory. When I am afraid I think of this memory because it brings me unadulterated joy. I won’t explain it because it’ll never make sense to anyone else but Erica knows.10. She’s my best friend. And even when we make each other mad I still love her beyond belief. She’s my person. And she puts up with all of my crap and somehow still comes back. You rock, Qingfa.Happy belated birthday, Erica! May your 21st year around the sun be as beautiful as you are!