April Goals Recap & May Goals

Okay, so I used to be a really terrible goal setter. To be honest, I still sort of am – well, let’s just say I have room for improvement.

Sure, I’ve learned about SMART goals a thousand times and spent all of last year walking students through goal setting and achieving, but when it came down to me? It looked like this…

Juliana’s Goals

Run 100 miles

Meal prep every Sunday

Save $2000


I never really thought about steps I would take to achieve my goals or how I should build on my goals. Whenever I tried to think about how I would achieve them, my thought process was like this:

How Juliana Will Achieve Her Goals

Run 100 miles – just go do it? lol

Meal prep every Sunday – cook instead of being lazy

Save $2000 – don’t spend $2000

Basically it was a sure fire way to achieve absolutely nothing. I viewed my goals with a top down approach. So if I wanted to run 100 miles in my lifetime, I had no way of thinking my way through how I could start moving towards that goal today. It was just a giant goal that I wanted to miraculously accomplish.

Fortunately, my manager at PPD is very goal-oriented and sort of called me out on my crap. I did mention that I wanted to run an ultramarathon and her first question was “how?” … Um, I just move my legs and do it?? Not quite. She helped me realize that to accomplish goals, they truly did need to happen at a reasonable pace and could be accomplished through a series of steps. For example, to run 100 miles one day, I needed to think about what I needed to do today to move forward.

Sure, I want to meal prep every Sunday, but what do I need to do today to ensure that I meal prep on Sunday. It took me awhile to realize that achieving large goals is just a matter of making reasonable, forward moving to-do lists and actually doing them. And when you create reasonable, workable steps for your list, it’s way easier to scratch them off.

So anyway, in an effort to be transparent with myself, I decided to share my April Goals with the world on Instagram and decided to recap how they went here! Last month I did not really set a schedule for how I would achieve my goals, I just kind of winged (wung?) it. It went so-so. I wrote my May Goals out today, so I think I’ll create a game plan for them.

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Let’s go one by one.


  1. Only eat out once a week. – This one was tricky! Patrick and I do date night once a week, but can sometimes get lazy and go out to eat instead of cooking dinner. This would be totally fine, but homegirl has a budget and would like to stick to it. I’m pretty sure we nailed it. However, I did eat out with friends a few times this month, and I don’t regret it! It does make me wonder how I can rethink friend time and make it freeeeee.
  2. Walk the dogs three times a week. – Yep. Well, it was probably three times a week on average, but I’m okay with that! The dogs love it and it prevents me from just sitting on the couch in the morning/evening. Patrick does not love walking, so he was a good sport.
  3. Contribute at least $100 to my IRA. – Holla bless. And I set up direct deposit.
  4. Set up direct transfer for college fund. – First I had to create a savings account for this lol. But then I did set up direct transfer! Paying for college is a terrifying prospect! Wheeeee!
  5. Do at least three 30 minute yoga sequences. – Ha. Ha. Haha. Hahahahahahaha. Turns out I do not have the attention span for this. Unless I go to a class, which I conveniently did not do in April.
  6. Make one new loaf of bread per week. – Kind of! I have to do this on the weekends nowadays and the last two weekends were cray. But before then I nailed it! Cinnamon raisin swirl bread and sourdough!
  7. Wake up at 6 am at least three days a week. – HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA. This is not a life priority for me. Sleep is. I don’t even know what I was thinking. And sure, waking up at 6 would be cool, but what are you going to do? Probably just stare at your phone, ya jerk.
  8. Talk to Cara about BodyPump training. – That’s the instructor I go to. I did talk to her, she was super encouraging, and I signed up for an instructor training! Wheeee side hustles!
  9. Deep clean house. – Um. I cleaned my bathroom once? Thank u, next.
  10. Have a dinner party! – Nope. I would’ve loved to but it just did not work out in April. Maybe this month!




Alright, so I’d give myself a solid C-. Hey, I made those in college and got my degree, heyyoooo. Nonetheless, here’s my May Goals and a game plan to hopefully make them more attainable:

may goals

  1. Make three new recipes. – First, I will find recipes. Second, I will plan which days I will make them. Third, I will make them or so help me god.
  2. Sit down to do weekly spending tracking every Sunday. – Alright, for my budget to work, I am supposed to do weekly tracking. But in practice, I’ve really just been sitting down at the end of the month. It takes much longer to do it that way and then I have no way of knowing if I’m sticking to my budget until it’s too late. Yes, I know it makes no sense to do it the way I have been. I do have a great idea! I feel like I need a drink in my hand while I’m tracking spending, because food is too messy and in the way. Therefore, when I sit down to do my tracking, I am going to enjoy whatever beverage I’ve been craving most that week. Hell, I’m even going to budget for it! A glass of chilly rose? You betcha. Milkshake? There’s a DQ right up the street. Lavender lemonade? Is that lavender growing in my garden edible? We’re about to find out.
  3. Find & apply to four scholarships. – This one is sort of cheating because I’ve already found a ton of scholarships, I just haven’t sat down to apply. I keep saying this Sunday I will do it. SO DO NOT TALK TO ME AFTER MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY. Maybe you’ll find me at Quack’s or Hank’s with a drank in hand.
  4. Foam roll five times a week. – My sciatic nerve flared up last week and has made running difficult. That lil bish. Catch me rolling almost every evening, or perhaps morning if I can stick to goal 7…
  5. Gift two loaves of bread. – Y’all I love making bread. And I love making people eat my bread. Any requests?
  6. Do weight training twice a week. – Patrick is hopefully about to get a Y membership as well, so I’m hoping I can rope him into coming with me!
  7. Utilize screen time app. Stop ignoring it. – You know how Apple developed that convenient screen time thing? Mine is set from 6:30 – 09:25 am in an effort to make my mornings more present and productive. You know what Apple didn’t do? Develop a way to stop me from being like “oh yeah, you wish stupid little phone” and then clicking the “ignore for rest of day” option on my apps.
  8. Make homemade lemonade. – Y’all. I’ve been talking about this for too long. An idea: I’ll make it for one of my budget sessions. You come over to grab your lovingly, homemade bread. You can have a glass and give me high five for adulting so damn hard.
  9. Go hiking at least once a month. – I love hiking. In the fall I was doing it all the time. And then it got dark early and I stopped.
  10. Open a CD. – Yes, bish, a certificate of deposit. Preferably high interest. Preferably without costing an arm and a leg to open. I’m doing my research on this!

So there you have it! My April Goals Recap and my May Goals! I hope this has maybe made you think about what goals you would like to accomplish. And if you’re reading this thinking she has no clue what she’s doing, please provide the insight. I’m always learning!

Also, important note: not accomplishing you goals you’ve written down for the month in that month’s time does not mean they can’t be accomplished. It also does not mean that you’re a failure. Also, sometimes I just don’t want to work towards those goals, I want to just be. That’s okay, too. You do you, honey (that’s a note to self, as well).

Okay, ttyl. Love you, bye.



A Juliana Update

Hello world! I am alive and well. I haven’t written here in quite some time. Partially because I didn’t feel inspired, partially because I was out enjoying life so much, and mostly because I could never bring myself to just sit down and write.

Some notable life events since the last time we’ve talked:

  1. I became a CASA volunteer! It’s sort of difficult for me to describe exactly what a CASA does, but it’s the most unique volunteer experience I’ve ever had. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who cares for children or wants to advocate for children in the foster care system.
  2. I started a second job! I work at PPD, but I am also a Garden/Nutrition Educator with Texas Sprouts! It’s literally the best job ever. I get to be outside in a garden all day, teaching awesome elementary schoolers about food and gardening and nutrition. What’s not to love?
  3. I am training for an ultramarathon! It’s the Wild Hare 50k in November. Wish me luck!
  4. I got accepted to grad school! This fall I will begin pursuing an MSW. It’s part-time and online, so I’ll still be working and am really looking forward to it.
  5. I took a Spanish class! I love Spanish (and languages in general) and would really like to become fluent. In the fall, I got a Continuing Education pamphlet in the mail from ACC and saw that they had a Spanish class for $121 and I was 100% in. The class was awesome and I learned more than I had expected to! It also helped to jog my memory on a lot of basic Spanish I hadn’t thought about in some time.
  6. I got really into baking bread lol. I love it so much. I’ve made all sorts and I even have a sourdough starter than I began back in January! If you’re ever in Austin and craving some bread, hit me up.
  7. The pups were both confirmed as heartworm free. Last March they were diagnosed and we immediately sought out treatment (shout out, Emancipet!). After they completed treatment, we had to wait 6 months to do another heartworm test and they are both healthy and happy!
  8. Patrick and I started a little garden! Currently we have lettuce, carrots, onion, bell pepper, strawberry, rosemary, basil, mint, and lavender growing in it. We also have two tomato plants and sunflowers growing in some pots nearby… Um. We may have gone a tad bit overboard, but it’s too fun not to! It’s getting too hot for our lettuce, so I’ve been enjoying harvesting it for salads or to put on veggie burgers.
  9. Which brings me to one of my favorite purchases ever… Patrick and I got a mini grill! LOL. We bought it on a whim because the HEB meal deal a few weeks back was burgers and we thought it would be super fun to invite family over and grill some burgers. The grill has been one of those purchases that I wasn’t entirely sure would be worth, but it totally has been. My favorite meal as of late is grilled veggie burgers with chips or sweet potato fries. Also, Heinz makes “mayochup” now which rules.
  10. I signed up to get certified as a BodyPump instructor! If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with BodyPump and I love getting strong. Well, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for an instructor training the first weekend of June. YAY!
  11. I started writing down daily gratitude (on Insta) and it changed my life. Honestly, I used to think that saying what you were grateful for was fine and all, but kind of cheesy. And then I started doing it and noticed an actual change in my life. I typically do it at the end of the day or the following morning. It forces me to be aware of how I handled various events during my day and it makes me check myself when I’m in a bad mood. And, frankly, there is a lot to be grateful for in life and it should be celebrated more often than it is.

Obviously far more things have happened in my life than just those 11, but that’s all I’ve got for now! Hopefully I will be back soonish for more exciting Juliana ramblings.