What a week.

In an effort to write more often (think: at least once a week), here I am!

Problem is, I really feel like I don’t have much to say. Especially since my mind feels like absolute mush.



This week was an absolute doozy. My car was hit (while parked in front of my house) and the jerk drove away without leaving a note. I have no clue who did it, but my driver side door is smashed in. After repeating myself a few times (to 311, APD, my insurance representative, and then my claims adjustor), my car was finally towed to a body shop. Hopefully they’ll confirm that my car was struck by somebody (which it was) and my deductible will go from $1000 to $250.


On top of that, I had some pretty frustrating days at work and have come home feeling dead. I’ve fallen asleep before 9 pm for the last three nights and am still so tired. I told Patrick that it feels like I need at least 12 solid hours of completely uninterrupted sleep. So that’s what I’m going for tonight!

Sleep. A massage. And a very comfortable couch. All of those things sound excellent right now. Maybe some mac n cheese, too.


Also, Patrick leaves for DC in about 9 days. Not looking forward to that.


More finance

All of that being said, life is still very good. I’m still having so much fun learning about finance. Side note: I checked out Get Money by Kristin Wong from my library literally 7 hours ago and have already read a very decent chunk of it. I know that talking about money is weirdly taboo and can be very stressful, but I enjoy the hell out of it. I’m psyched to say that I may be able to pay for grad school out of pocket the first year. (I want that for all three years, btw.) ((Although if someone wants to give me a lot of free money, that’ll work too.))

My two main money goals are these: do not go into debt during grad school and be able to live wherever we want when Patrick and I move to DC.

So DC is hella expensive. Even more so than Austin. Fortunately there’s public transit, but I don’t want to have a two hour commute, ya feel? And all of that is a year away, so it’s perfect timing to save like crazy for it.

But ANYWAY, I could wax poetic about finances all day. It’s fun. And there’s so much to learn! But wait, we are moving away from that conversation now…


In other good news, I made more pan-banging cookies per Patrick’s request and have been thoroughly enjoying the stomach ache I get when I eat a whole one.

Informational Interview

I was able to sit down with a current medical social worker and gain some perspective on the profession. I basically walked away with a laundry list of things to do and focus on during my schooling, so that when I graduate, I can be a total badass social worker. We went to Kerbey Lane and I hadn’t been in forever. At least since graduating! I had the Harvest Omelet, which was my old go-to, and it was better than I remembered. So score!


OH. How could I forget?! I also bought a zucchini transplant for my garden today! Last weekend I harvested all the lettuce and planted some melon. We renewed our lease, so I am very excited to have this garden for another year!

Cross your fingers that next week is easier! And that the dogs don’t wake me up tonight.


five things / may 2019 edition


It is my favorite month of the year. MAY! Spring is in full swing, my tomato plant is thriving, and it’s my birthday month. Truly, why wouldn’t you love this month?!

Because May tends to keep my in a perpetually good mood (except when Patrick leaves for the summer…) I decided to share five things that have been making me happy lately!

Personal Finances

Lol. Y’all. If you know me, chances are I have talked to you about finances or you have at least overheard me talking about it in the last few weeks.

I never thought I would be the person to choose to read personal finance blogs or budget or seek out high interest savings accounts, but here we are!

I really freaking love it. It makes me feel so empowered and excited about my money. It has also made preparing to pay for grad school slightly less terrifying. I love it so much that during a walk the other day I recorded myself just gushing over getting my finances in order.

If you’re interested in finances (particularly women who are interested in finances), I’d recommend The Fairer Cents podcast, or these two blogs that I enjoy. We Bravely Go is how I got started budgeting!



Patrick and I recently had a discussion about self-care, so he downloaded the Headspace app. I’ve been joining him in the meditations right before bed and they’re awesome. Like I seriously sit in bed feeling like it’ll take a while for me to fall asleep and then we do a 5 minute meditation and I am out like a light afterwards.

In addition, I have been trying (trying being the keyword) to leave my phone on the bookcase at the foot of the bed, rather than on my nightstand. I don’t want to use it so much right before bed and I want to have to get up to turn my alarm off in the morning.

This is going so so, but I have high hopes!

Lizzo’s New Album

Okay, have you heard Soulmate? or Like A Girl? or Exactly How I Feel?! All of them are amazing. Catch me playing them all summer.

My Giant Hydroflask

Patrick got it for me and it’s the best. 40 fl. oz. with a straw lid and I have never been so hydrated. It keeps water cold for a ridiculously long time and I take it with me everywhere.

I also have a smaller, 22 oz., Hydroflask with a straw lid, but it resembles a cup more than a bottle. Having this giant Hydroflask frees up my smaller one for iced americanos.

Y’all. They’re investments. And they do dent if you drop them, but once you go Hydroflask you can never go back.


This one is random, but true. For whatever reason, we’ve been making enough food to have leftovers and it is rocking my socks.

Normally I bring a salad to work, mostly because we have the stuff for it and it’s easily assembled, but it’s not wildly satiating and I normally end up eating something at work anyway! But having leftover pasta?! Yes please.

I don’t think Patrick really reads my blog, so I feel safe in saying this: we don’t normally have leftovers because Patrick does his PhD stuff mostly from home so he eats it while I’m at work. No shade no shade. Except sometimes when I am really looking forward to something and homeboy ate it.

It’s bittersweet because I hate that he leaves for the summer, but I also sort of like having a house to myself? Lol. I can cook whatever I want and however much I want and if there’s dishes in the sink I can only get frustrated with myself. Not to mention, I am on a budget to save for grad school and I plan to get really aggressive with my savings this summer.

So what does that mean? Lots of cooking and leftovers galore!



I hope this month is going splendidly for you so far and I hope you make the time for plenty of sunny, summery activities!


Hasta luego,