May Goals Recap & Life Lessons

Hey y’all. Let me start off by saying I’m so tired.

The last six weeks of my life have been a whirlwind. A wonderful, sometimes saddening, joyful, exhausting whirlwind.

In May I finished off my first semester teaching in the garden, I went to the dentist and the doctor and the dermatologist for preventive health, saw and dined with friends, and I traveled to DC with Patrick to help him move there for the summer!

Swimming at the beach in Alabama
The day I left DC. Was 100% tearing up behind those sunglasses.

It was a good time, but it’s always a bummer to part ways. I did come home to my cucumber plant growing wild!

Hold on for dear life, lil cucumber plant.

I am also coming off a weekend of BodyPump training and my mind and body are still trying to recover. I honestly wish it would rain so that I could just lay in bed. I truly had so much fun and am excited to keep learning and submit my teaching video to get certified! Not to mention, this weekend reminded me of how strong I am, both mentally and physically, so it was fun to experience.

All that being said, my mind is sort of in a haze.

As I was reviewing my May Goals I realized I couldn’t even remember if I had accomplished some of them or not! It felt like a sign that I needed to chill tf out.

All I know is that I absolutely crushed some of my goals, got halfway on others, and totally bombed a few.

It has made me realize, though, that maybe this month I should give myself some grace. I tend to do this thing where I don’t realize I’m running myself into the ground and until all I can do is cry all the time. Fortunately, I’ve worked hard to develop more self-awareness and have caught myself just before the tears overwhelm my life!

My only June Goal: Do things I enjoy doing.

Some ideas: go hiking, go kayaking/paddleboarding, take myself out to dinner (with Erica), go see a movie at Alamo, hang out with friends in a chill setting, go swimming, enjoy lemonade on a hot day, day trip somewhere, have meaningful conversations, decorate my home, find side hustles that are fun to me.

I really don’t want this summer to just fly by and I also don’t want to be so worn out all the time. I’ve found that I have tons of energy, but no drive at the end of the day. So I’m going to take a step back from being so “productive” and just enjoy.

Normally I put my goals on the front screen of my phone as a reminder, so now I’ll need to put something more wonderful there instead! Ideas?

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.



PS Also totally forgot to mention that I turned 24 in May! Yay!

Alaska celebrating my birthday!

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