Things You Deserve

A non-comprehensive list:

  • decadent warm beverages in the afternoon
  • people who respect your boundaries
    • emotionally, financially, physically
  • fresh baked bread
  • a livable wage
  • annual check ups
    • and other appointments when you need them, in a timely manner
  • 100% acceptance for who you are
    • this includes the process of figuring out who that is
  • dogs to cuddle at night
  • a pair of sandals that can handle anything you throw at them
  • a pair of pajama pants with some ridiculous pattern on them
    • mine have llamas carrying christmas presents and wearing santa hats
  • music that makes you feel what you need to feel
  • food that satisfied you physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • friends that are just there
    • even when you think they shouldn’t be
  • recognition that people love you
    • a people who will never let you forget
  • something pretty to look at in your daily life
  • an outfit that makes you feel like a boss
  • safety when you walk on the street
  • the same rights as the white man on Wall Street
  • a little garden to tend to
    • full of herbs to calm your mind
  • a creative outlet
    • mine is still dance
  • to shuck the expectations others have of you
    • and for others to remember your boundaries
  • a positive mental space when you look in the mirror
    • remember: you actually are beautiful
  • self-respect
  • an extra hair tie that is magically always there when you need it
  • sweat stain-proof white clothing
  • movement that makes you feel good
  • the time to make a list of your own

What would you add?

Much love,