things I am absolutely loving lately (in no particular order):

daily hot chocolate with caramel whipped cream

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (& Christmas) music

wandering around Target to enjoy the Christmas decorations

6 am yoga classes

foam rolling

fine tuning my budget sheet

turning the heater on in my car

thinking about 2020

turning the oven on

drinking my morning coffees with a splash of milk

the colorful leaves on the ground

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

perusing fun recipes on the internet

watching funny youtube videos and laughing out loud

watching The Great British Baking Show with Patrick

being able to wear my wintery pajama pants

baking bread and other goodies

edison bulb string lights

walking the dogs when it’s still light out

Patrick making me breakfast when I teach back to back BP classes

hanging out with family

making going out to eat an occasion

herbal tea from Trader Joe’s – although my favorite fall one is gone 😦

wearing leggings because it’s finally cold enough!

hanging around the house with my hood up

and that’s all for now, folks!