2020 Goals or Whateva

I am not super into resolutions. Although, I love the idea of them! In my own experience, I tend to get overambitious and don’t think through how I’d ever actually stick to the resolutions. Eventually, they ultimately fail and I’m just bummed.

That being said, the time between Christmas and New Years may be my second favorite time of year (spring always being the first). I love the excited energy people have about wrapping up a year and moving into a new one. Resolutions may not work for me, but others seem driven by the change they hope for in the new year and I love that.

Fortunately, in recent years, I was reminded and encouraged to set SMART goals in my life (thanks, Jackie!). After some trial and error, I learned to set goals that I can actually achieve and create steps to achieve them. Some are bigger than others, but they all utilize actionable steps. I’m not going to lie, some of these aren’t wildly specific (the S in SMART, lol), but I don’t want to think of something random. The specificity will come when it comes.

Without further adieu, my 2020 Goals: An Working List for an Evolving Person!

Max out my IRA contributions

In 2019 I opened my Roth IRA. I auto-contribute each month, but it was sort of a pitiful amount. I recently increased my contributions, but I think I could do better. This one will be tricky because my job contract will end in Austin and we’ll be moving and I’ll be finding a new job in DC. Fortunately, I think I’ll have gained enough experience in my side hustles (thank you, fitness) to be pretty marketable when we get to DC, if I don’t get full-time hired right away. Part of how I plan on doing this is by attempting at least two no-spend days per week.

Visit somewhere new

This one is already set to happen, but I have specific guidelines for it. I want to visit somewhere new, with Patrick, once we are already living in DC. This could mean taking an Amtrak to Boston or seeing a Broadway show in NYC!

Read a book a month (at least)

I really want to be in a book club. I’ve looked around for some in Austin, but haven’t had much luck! Either way, I want to read at least one book a month. Believe you me, I can fly through a book once I’m into it, but I occasionally I read so fast that I can’t get myself to start another.

Pursue finance, professionally

This is sort of vague. All I know is that I want to get finance on my resume, in some form or fashion. That could be through volunteering, an internship, a job, or what have you. Financial social work is where I want my career to go, so I need to take steps that way.

PR my half marathon

Not going to lie, this is a bit lofty. The time itself is not out of reach, there’s just a lot going on this year! And this will take lots of injury prevention and effort. I run my ultra in a week and a half (what!!) and will take time off of running after that, so I intend to start this in mid to late spring.

And that’s what I’ve got! Five goals felt manageable. I’m sure I’ll still set smaller goals for myself, month to month, but they will hopefully be stepping stones to achieve these big five. I also want to start blogging more, so maybe tracking these goals and their progress will be a main topic to write more on. We’ll see!

It’s so cliche to talk about how 2020 will be so different, because nothing becomes different unless you actually do something different. That being said, I am looking forward to 2020 because so. much. is. happening. It’ll be potentially the biggest year of my life so far and I am excited and intimidated and ready!

I’ll: run my ultra, go to Las Vegas for the first time, turn 25, get married, move to DC, start my first field placement for the MSW, leave a job, get a new job, (hopefully) buy a house, and so much more! It’ll be grand.

Anyway, have a safe and happy new year!