you should eat outside

Let me spend a few moments making the case for you, okay? I realize not everyone has a patio or porch or yard or what have you. I’ve never been so glad to have our own little outdoor space! Maybe you take a seat on the curb while on a walk to drink some water. Or you bring some nuts with you while you’re strolling around the neighborhood. Whatever it may be, let’s wax poetic about my favorite past time these days: dining al fresco.

iced espresso with a splash of whole milk

Cold drinks taste better in the sun. Period. Afternoon espressos create a wonderful dichotomy between waking you up and the sunlight lulling you to sleep.

A camping favorite: sausage in a tortilla with mashed potatoes and onions and peppers. Salad with olive oil and vinegar, too.

Eating? Not just necessary to literally sustain your life. More like a beautiful, celebratory event, even in quarantine. Bonus points if you’re enjoying a drank, too.

Quinoa with bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, olive oil, and vinegar.

COVID-19 is out here trying to steal our spring and summer! But it can’t take dining on fresh, summery foods in the sunshine from us. Not today, satan. I’m going to watch the March/April showers transform my yard into a jungle of flowery-weeds, thank you very much.

Open face patty melts (??) and cucumbers with the spiciest salsa ever.

Vitamin-D is good for you. And so is fresh air! I could do without the flies being a bother, but I’ll survive. Have you sat outside, tilted your face towards the sun, and taken a really deep breath lately? No? Let’s make it a breakfast date tomorrow.

Banana bread and coffee.

Also, is there anything more peaceful than hearing birds chirp in the AM? It transports me back to the house I grew up in during the summer. Can’t wait for a full day of playing in the pool (I wish)! But seriously. The birds chirping is one of my favorite sounds. Soon enough the cicadas will be out in full force in the evening and I’m stoked for their music.

Fried rice and herbal tea.

Alone time. Sometimes moving into a different room isn’t enough, so you just need to go outside. Take a breather for yourself. Patrick tends to gravitate to wherever I go (he would deny that, but I love him very much for it, so it’s not a roast I promise), but he’s allowed to sit peacefully with me outside. Plus he’s always ready for a snack or coffee.

Watered down (oops!) iced americano

And you get to watch your ridiculous old dogs try to chase lizards on the fence. They’re never going to catch them, but it’s so cute to watch them try. Alaska likes to stomp all over my garden, which is annoying, but also awesome. Alaska SMASH!

So tomorrow… what are you eating outside?

Update: quarantine still sucks, no surprise there! BUT, not going to work/internship has allowed me to eat more of my meals outdoors. Not to mention, we’ve been having some pretty spectacular weather here in Austin! I think I’d like to eat at least one meal/snack/drink outside a day (weather permitting). What about you?

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