pleasant observations

I don’t know about you, but I’m having one of those “oh my god get me out of quarantine” kinds of days. These days normally creep up on me when I feel overwhelmed with all of the non-quarantine related stressors in my life. Although, between working and my internship and the wedding and job hunting and preparing to move across the country and all the small, but important details that go with all of those things I am impressed with how well I am doing.

Make no mistake, some days I have no mental or emotional capacity for anything outside of the bare necessities. Other days I get into a downward spiral of fear about not finding a job and the nasty voice in my head that ties my worth to my job title yells at me. Sometimes I feel like a machine and I can power through anything: finding a job? The universe works in crazy ways and things will work out the way they’re supposed to. Have a few weeks off of school before the summer semester starts? Why not relearn calculus.

I know that many of the tasks and habits I’ve picked up on recently are a result of me needing to put anxious energy somewhere. On the flip side, some days I literally end up doing nothing because I just cannot. No explanation needed. Sometimes we just can’t and the sun still rises the next day.

Anyway, in the face of many fears and expectations and anxieties in my life, there are still many reasons to celebrate and countless sources of joy. I’ve mentioned here before about not forcing the good or desperately looking for something to be grateful for, but rather to just notice passively what seems to be working well and bringing some semblance of peace and calm into your life.

So, that’s what I’m going to do now! Reflect and notice.

Observation #1: Peloton

I recently signed up for Peloton’s 90-Day Free Trial of their app and I am loving it. Not only is it a unique way for me to move my body, but the coaching is so fun and I am a sucker for motivational slogans when I’m working hard and they’re yelled at me over music.

I also love that I don’t have to do the workouts when they’re live, I can go back and play them later. This allows it to become another option of something I can do during the day. Feeling a little anxious or bored and don’t have the attention span for anything? I’m going to throw on a 10 minute stretching video! Running the same route around my house for 2 months getting majorly old? I’m going to download a guided run and change up my efforts!

I genuinely enjoy doing the Peloton workouts and it makes me feel more like myself every time.

Observation 2: Learning is super fun

I jokingly mentioned relearning calculus, but I am actually doing that. Seriously. I was doing some pre-research about Economics PhD programs and they look for your previous econ and calculus courses. I realized I am going to have to take/retake those courses eventually, so I’m just freshening up. I have been quick to take a step back from the materials when they feel too overwhelming for my brain, but it has been so fun to exercise a different side of my brain.

For example, the Khan Academy course I’m working through started with limits (remember those?) and has all sorts of practice questions. I was explaining to Patrick how strange it is to tackle a math questions – when there’s always a right answer – versus thinking through a social work framework or scenario. Having the combination of both sides of my brain firing off feels good.

I also still love my Paul Krugman Masterclass. I started the Ron Finley Gangsta Gardener Masterclass too and it is excellent!

Lastly, I’ve signed up for a ton of social work relevant webinars and have enjoyed learning about such a vast range of topics. From the financial implications of caring for an aging adult to veterinary social work!

Observation 3: Harry Potter is truly wonderful

Hi, I’m almost 25 years old and am just now starting the Harry Potter series for the first time. I finished the first book a few days ago and it was so fun! I wish I could go to Hogwarts.

Patrick and I are going to watch the movies as a I finish the books. Although I am alternating between a Harry Potter book and something non-fiction. We’re in the process of watching the first movie, but it’s taking us a while to get through it. It’s long and sometimes we’re too tired to commit to watching it at night!

I was telling Patrick on a walk the other night that I’m sort of glad I read them as an adult. Obviously I would’ve loved them as a kid, but I feel like I can appreciate the creativity more deeply as an adult. And I can escape into the world, which is so appreciated especially right now.

And that’s all I have! I tried to think of a 4th observation but realized it was making me think too hard.

Patrick bought a pennant and hung it up in our house. It reads “Together We Will See It Through.”

So, I’ll leave you with that.

Together We Will See It Through.