Hello there

Well, hot dang, it has been a MINUTE. I’ve been wanting to write here for quite some time, but I think WordPress is no longer compatible with Google Chrome or something. I haven’t had the brain power to jump over to Safari to write, so instead I just went MIA for 7 months. Those 7 months have been quite the experience. In summary, I got married, moved across the country, started a new job, ran lots of miles, Patrick finally started his job, and then I found a new job. Needless to say, it’s been a lot. Today I’ll hit you with some random photos from the last few months. Bye!

I must say, I freaking LOVE Virginia. The weather, the people, the trails! A part of my heart has been yearning for some dirt, desert roads (hi, Big Bend, I miss you) but I love being able to drive 1-1.5 hours and being in a national forest. It’s pretty sweet. This weekend Patrick and I went out to Loudon County to do our long run on the gravel roads there. They weren’t wildly gravelly, turns out, but they were definitely unpaved. I also got to see wide open, blue skies towards the end of our run. It’s been pretty gray and cloudy here lately, so it was a very welcome change of pace. Made me very excited for the spring, too!

In other news, can you believe we’re getting a vaccine soon?! I’m completely pumped and will absolutely be getting vaccinated once it’s my turn in line.

What else to write about?! It’s actually sort of nice to do a brain dump. I’ve got some instrumental Christmas music going, the candles are burning, and my Christmas tree is nice and bright.

The other day I stepped outside to feel the temperature and this was the beautiful sky I was greeted with. I honestly could not tell you if this was morning or evening because the days are so short. Longer days and more sunshine cannot come soon enough, let me tell ya. It is supposed to snow on Wednesday. I’ll believe it when I see it! It’s so hard to imagine actual snow accumulation on the ground, so I guess we’ll see.

Have I mentioned that VA is beautiful? This photo is from Shenandoah River State Park, just outside of Shenandoah National Park. On this day we ran 14 miles, found out Biden Harris won the election from a 6 year old girl on the trail, and celebrated with burgers. Not shabby at all.

I’m currently reading Dying of Whiteness by Johnathan Metzl and it is excellent. I actually had no idea what it was about when I picked it up to start, but it extremely interesting and thought-provoking. At the start of the year and during the first few months of the pandemic, I was a reading fiend. I had set a 12 book goal for 2020 and crushed it in the first few months. Unfortunately, during the summer, life got absolutely wild and my job was so stressful that I had no mental brain power left for books. I managed to slowly read a few of the Harry Potter books, but… I actually got… bored… I abandoned the series #sorrynotsorry. Then fall came and the semester started. I learned how to do my job with slightly less stress, but still did not have the time or energy to read. I would come home, do my school stuff (sometimes, maybe-ish), and then scroll through Instagram. Classic. Insert eye roll emoji.

All this to say, as I am moving into a new job and enjoying my break from school, I am hoping to get back into the swing of reading regularly. My hope is to read about 20 pages a day, maybe right before bed. Who knows!

Thanks for reading this nonsense! Maybe I’ll be back soon!


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