spring is coming

The weather has taken a turn, y’all! The last few days have been sunny, breezy, with highs in the 50s and clear blue skies. I’m in love. It feels like a breath of air after the gray, snowy month we’ve had. I can’t help but get excited for spring and summer and all the good those seasons bring. COVID cases have decreased, I put myself on the waitlist for a vaccine, and I am excited! I truly do not mind wearing a mask, but I don’t love trying to wear sunglasses with a mask. And with all the sun we’ve been having, I need my sunglasses again! I’ve also leaned into it being shorts weather. If it’s above 40, I declare it shorts weather from here on out.

Anywayyyy, in an effort to not rush seasons and time I’ve decided to not only list what I’m excited about for warmer weather, but also what I enjoy about winter. Seems fair. It’s also my attempt at tempering the desire for time/life to move faster, because I don’t actually want that.

Winter has been great. I’ve loved:

  • cozy sweaters
  • hot tea (sleepytime tea is so nice)
  • soups and stews for dinner
  • fuzzy socks
  • the snow (sometimes)
  • winter sunrises (they’re different somehow!)
  • the feeling of stepping into the warm house
  • having trails all to ourselves
  • being nearly finished with maybe the most challenging grad school course yet
  • finding a face moisturizing regimen that works
  • freezing cold adventures followed up with coffee
  • the occasional sunny day that feels extra bright
  • that masks help your face stay warm

But, of course, I am looking forward to the spring and warmer weather. How can I not?

  • brighter mornings and longer days
  • sweating – I like to sweat, it’s true
  • wildflowers
  • turning off the AC and opening the windows
  • tank tops and shorts and swimsuits and dresses
  • ice cream on bike rides
  • fun running adventures planned for May
    • coincidentally both of our adventures are planned around our birthdays!
  • grilling and eating al fresco
  • planning a beach trip
  • wider availability of the COVID vaccine (hopefully!!)
  • iced coffee and lavender lemonade
  • tomatoes coming into season
    • omg and my little herb garden (cross your fingers that the seeds germinate)
  • sunshine, so much sunshine

You know, I remember learning in some biology class I took in college that animals/people with longer extremities and bigger bodies fare better in the heat because they have more surface area to cool their bodies with (think giraffes and elephants on safari). Smaller animals with shorter extremities are supposed to be more adapted to cooler climates because they don’t lose heat as rapidly (less surface area).

At 5′ 4″ you would think I’d not mind the cold, but I think I forced my body to adapt to the heat during the summer of 2014 (when I was training for Oilman the first time) and my body has never gone back. I can hydrate and sweat all day. Weird flex.

Anyway, I am very excited about the forecast for the next week or so – even if there is some rain to come as well! This spring is loaded with fun stuff and I’m very ready.