Running Diary: Feat. A Bike Ride

Alright, so I said I was going to try to document my running and life adventures more and here we are! At my last job (yuck), the calendar I used was structured as Monday-Sunday and now I frame my running weeks the same way. In fact, I have my phone calendar that way too and get genuinely confused when I see Sunday-Saturday planners.

Monday – June 28

5 mile Run / 10 min Core Strength / 19 min Yoga

The run was hot hot hot. I was so sweaty and had to stop in the shade a few times to relax. I couldn’t bring myself to carry my pack, so I used a Camelbak handheld and my Ultimate Direction waist pack. Immediately followed that up with a 10 minute Core Strength Peloton with Sabrina and Mathew and then did some yoga before bed.

I fell asleep so quickly that night. I think the heat took more out of me than I realized.

Tuesday – June 29

20 min Bodyweight Strength / 5 mile Run / 20 min Foam Roll / 10 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 7 min Yoga

I considered not including all of those activities just now, but I think it’s important to recognize that it’s never just running.

This run consisted of ~1 mile warm up, a 30 min Peloton Pop Run, with the remainder of the mileage as a cool down. It was less hot this day, plus Erica and I stayed in the shade. Discovered some sweet hills on this route by accident too!

Wednesday – June 30

10 min Yoga

This was a rest day! I went into the office for the day and had plans in the evening, so no working out. I almost didn’t stretch either, but knew I’d feel better if I did something. Plus, yoga has become such a part of my evening routine that it mentally prepares me for bed. My body winds down a lot in the process.

Thursday – July 1

21 min Yoga / 20 min Foam Roll / 20 min Core Strength / 31 min Peloton Ride

What was supposed to be a running day turned into cross-training when we had some pretty intense rain. Of course, in typical VA fashion, the rain stopped after an hour but we had already decided to move the run. I woke up this day feeling so unusually stiff (probably from so much sitting the day before) and did 5 minutes of yoga in the morning.

Friday – July 2

4 mile Hill Run / 20 min Upper Body Strength / 10 min Foal Roll / 15 min Yoga

This was a fun one! It was a humid and challenging, but Erica and I did two repeats of a long hill in Clarendon. Obviously going up and getting vert in is crucial, but I also want to pay special attention to downhill training this go around. I never care about hitting a certain pace, but I was genuinely surprised by what we were able to maintain on this run!

Saturday – July 3

9 mile Trail Run (in WV) / 10 min Foam Roll / 20 min Yoga

Yay weekend adventures! We drove out to Wardensville, WV early Saturday morning to probably our most remote trailhead yet for this one. The trail was straight up to a beautiful overlook and then straight back down. It looked like it hadn’t been used in ages and was more technical than expected. My hips and ankles were very fatigued from the uneven terrain. I was also pretty terrified we would see a bear, but somehow never did. There had to have been one nearby though!

At the overlook
The trail was in WV but the overlook actually just crossed the border back into (regular) Virginia!

Sunday – July 4

50 mile Bike Ride / 10 min Yoga

The Endurance Event! I went into this just trying to see how long I could ride on the towpath until I wanted or needed to stop. It was a beautiful day, people were in great moods, and I so enjoyed my solo ride with my thoughts and podcasts.

Patrick met me for lunch at Point of Rocks, MD and I got really sleepy after that. My legs felt great, but my elbows and triceps and back were pretty achy. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I was so grateful to have my health and a body that allowed me to spend extended time outdoors. It was a wonderful day and we got ice cream on the way home.

It feels odd to reintroduce running back into my weekly routine! I have to remind myself that I do indeed have the time for it. I’m hoping this week goes just as well, despite some crappy weather forecasted ahead. I hope you’re all hydrating well and having a wonderful summer!

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