Running Diary: Lots of Rain

Hello again! I cannot believe it is already July and summer is in full swing. We are going camping this month and I am stoked. It’s also a pretty busy month at work, so it’s been a wild time.

Monday – July 5

20 min Arms & Shoulders Strength + 10 min Core Strength / 10 min Yoga

After the weekend’s adventures, I was tired! It felt nice to move my upper body and get some stretching in. I want to incorporate more lower body strength, but I get worried I’ll overdo it and end up with some serious soreness.

Tuesday – July 6

4 mile Run / 11 min Glutes Strength / 10 min Foam Roll / 9 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 11 min Stretch

This one felt good! Patrick ran with me and it felt like time flew by, which doesn’t always happen on runs. It was SO HOT. I’ve had to take many breaks on some of my recent runs since it has been so hot and humid.

Wednesday – July 7

16 min Yoga / 10 min Foam Roll

A day at the office means a day of rest. Foam rolling has felt so wonderful lately. I’d really like to get a full length foam roller (I have the short ones), but they’re so oddly expensive. Regardless, I could happily roll out my calves for hours.

Thursday – July 8

6 mile Hill Run / 20 min Strength / 16 min Yoga

We sought out hills on this day and it felt great. I was genuinely surprised that I felt so good!

Friday – July 9

37 min Strength (Arms & Shoulders, Core, Hips) / 20 min Foam Rolling / 7 min Yoga

We were supposed to run another 6 miles this day, but the sky opened up. Here in VA we get a solid storm, complete with thunder and lightning, and then the sun comes back out an hour later. I didn’t mind rearranging this mileage though. I was a little fatigued from Thursday’s run anyway and we were headed to the trails on Saturday for a long run!

We also went to an actual movie theater! We saw Black Widow (which was excellent) and for a moment it almost felt like COVID-19 had never existed. Ahhhh.

Saturday – July 10

10 mile Trail Run / 23 min Yoga

Woohoo! First double digit run back since my 12 hour! It felt so so good. We went to Prince William Forest Park and the weather is not too hot. It was definitely humid and I was dripping sweat a mile in, but it was worth it. We’ve done this loop many times (one time we did it clockwise and counterclockwise for a 20 miler), so I was familiar with the terrain.

Some chunks of it have dramatic ups and downs, but the real kicker is the very last mile. It is straight up from the river to the parking lot and, while not wildly steep, feels like it never ends. I had never run all the way up the hill until this day!!! I was slow and steady, but ran all the way to the top. I was so excited. It feels like the hill training is already paying off.

Sunday – July 11

6 mile Run / 10 min Arms & Shoulders Strength / 28 min Runner’s Yoga

That skipped Friday mileage came back to haunt us. This run shouldn’t have been too hard. We went to the C&O Towpath (aka flat) and I was planning on taking it easy anyway. THE HUMIDITY. My god. It really was like swimming. It was also in the 90s and the trail isn’t always shaded, so my body literally could not go any faster than it was going or I would’ve died. I even carried my pack and drank almost all 1.5 liters. Ridiculous.

Afterwards we had lunch, lounged in Erica’s pool for a bit, watched Italy win, and went home. The yoga, which I linked above, is my favorite video from Yoga with Adriene’s channel. It stretches everything I need and always makes me feel better.

Work is really busy right now and I am a tad overwhelmed, but it should hopefully be over by next week! I’m hoping the humidity dies down a bit too. I do not remember it being so gross last summer.

Hope you’re all hydrated and having a great week!

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