Running Diary: A Stressful Week

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am in recovery. I spent all of last week and yesterday high key stressing about a work event and my energy levels showed it. I felt so tired due to the stress and the heat and humidity. Not to mention, Patrick and I went camping Friday night! Shenandoah River State Park is truly beautiful, but I forgot how challenging (read: miserable) it can be to sleep in the heat. That night was not the most restful, but things are looking up.

Shenandoah River

My event happened yesterday and now I can breathe easy. I feel like I ran a marathon today and am happy to take things at a significantly slower pace.

I’ve started journaling a bit recently, which I’ve been really enjoying too! I am trying to stay off my phone more, so I am finally occupying my time on something other than a screen. It’s only been a few days of this effort but I am enjoying it.

Let’s get into the running.

Monday – July 12

3 mile Run / 10 min Core Strength / 10 min Foam Roll / 10 min Stretch

Patrick and I did this run during the lunch hour and boyyyyy it was humid. I drink a lot of water every day and try to have at least one glass of electrolytes, but I feel like I still can’t make up for how much I sweat in these VA summers. It’s so different than Texas. In Austin it was purely hot, so hot. Like, when Erica and I trained for the 2019 Dallas Marathon during the summer that year, we ran when the heat index was 106. You got really sweaty, you went slower, and you drank a lot of water and you were okay.

Here in Virginia (or at least by DC) the humidity makes you feel like you are being cooked. And you look like you spent hours in a sauna. Yuck.

Tuesday – July 13

30 min Full Body Strength / 10 min Foam Roll / 10 min Stretch

Let me tell you right now. That full body strength wrecked my quads. There were a lot of weighted lunges, which I hadn’t done in a hot minute, and my quads new it. My legs were feeling pretty tight last week too, so the stretching was always really pleasant.

Wednesday – July 14

2 mile Run / 10 min Strength / 10 min Foam Roll / 8 min Yoga

The funny thing about doing any run less than 3 miles is that it feels like it should take 5 minutes. Oh a 2 mile run? We’ll be back before the oven is done preheating to 350 degrees! Not quite.

Thursday – July 15

6 mile Run / 10 min Foam Roll / 16 min Stretch

MY QUADS, Y’ALL. This run was rough. It was very hot, my quads felt destroyed, and Patrick cramping my style a little. He likes to trash talk the routes I make even though I am the better route plotter, but that is neither here nor there. I survived thanks to the sweet sounds of Where Have You Been by Rihanna (more specifically, remixes of that song) and was very thankful for the air conditioning.

This run was also a classic example of ‘motion is lotion’ because it worked out the rest of the soreness in my quads. Side note: I wish it was not weird for adults to play in splash pads, because we ran by one full of kids and all I wanted to do was lay right in the middle of it.

Friday – July 16

Literally nothing

No stretching, no foam rolling, nothing. It was maybe one of my busiest days of work (at my current job, at least) and Patrick and I left to go camping! We drove to Shenandoah River State Park with no music and I told Patrick it felt so nice like my brain was sitting in a cozy bath.

There were a few hiccups (like someone forgot to pack cooking oil) but it was really nice to just sit outside, sweat a little, and listen to birds, bugs, animals, and people around us.

Saturday – July 17

4 mile Run / 30 min Yoga / 5 min Glute Strength / 10 min Foam Roll

So the plan had been that Patrick and I would get this run done at the park as a trail run. After a terrible night of sleep and no real breakfast, we decided to get the miles in at home. We stopped at the Red Truck Rural Bakery in Marshall on the way back, which was delightful! We went together in 2017, but when we went last summer the inside was still closed and they had a limited menu.

I was so exhausted and dehydrated when we got home that I had to take a nap before we could get any running done. Shockingly the run went pretty well and the 30 minute yoga felt amazing.

Sunday – July 18

12 mile Long Run / 10 min Post Run Stretch + 20 min Yoga

Long run day! We had considered doing it at Rock Creek Park, but felt a little uninspired. We hit the streets (or really, the hike and bike paths) instead.

It was unusually cool, maybe low to mid 70s, for this run. We still sweat plenty, but most of the trails were in the shade. I officially retired my road shoes after this run and my new pair arrived today (just in time for today’s run)!

I do enjoy the summer but, and I can’t believe I am saying this, I think I prefer fall/winter training. You can prepare more for cold runs and running efforts feel more consistent.

Now we have a cutback week and I am excited about it! I am hoping to sleep, eat, and drink plenty.



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