Running Diary: PTO, baby!

Hello and happy Monday! I am slowly catching up on work today as I took Thursday and Friday off last week. It was so nice to leisurely do things around the house, run errands, and be a little bit of a tourist. My brain needed the reset.

Our beautiful cooler temperatures are gone here in Arlington and back is the hot, muggy weather. 😦 The urge to pretend like it’s fall is tempered by the weather and the fact that school doesn’t even start here until after Labor Day! After our long run yesterday I wanted nothing more than to whip out my fall decorations and get started on the house, but I resisted. The days are already getting shorter, which is weird, so before we know it all these updates are going to be about running in the dark! Until then, here’s this week’s training:

Monday – August 2

20 min Yoga / 10 min Foam Roll

A much needed rest day after the long run out in George Washington National Forest. I think I had originally planned to run this day, but knew that would not go over well for me at all.

Tuesday – August 3

5 mile Run / 20 min Core Strength / 10 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 10 min Stretch

This was a day of beautiful weather! Running feels so much easier when it’s breezy and cool out. I think Erica and I ran this one together and I enjoyed it. I also forced myself to do my plantar fascia prehab and I am proud of that. If you have a Peloton account, I did this core strength with Andy Speer and I really love it. It feels really functional and I like not being on my back doing crunches the whole time.

We also had a family dinner out on the porch. It was quite nice. We made this pasta and it was pretty good!

Erica was there but she wouldn’t let me photograph her.

Wednesday – August 4

4 mile Speed Run / 20 min Chest & Back Strength / 20 min Foam Roll / 16 min Yoga

Normally when I want to do speedwork I queue up a Peloton outdoor run, but this run was different. It was nice out and I had recently discovered Billie Eilish’s new song Happier Than Ever. Listen to it and you can imagine how it kept my pace up pretty well!

Thursday – August 5

5 min Core Strength / 6 mile Run / 10 min Yoga

Day off of work! Patrick had to go in, so I spent the day walking to Trader Joe’s, sitting outside reading, and relaxing as much as possible. I knew we had 6 miles on the docket, but I wasn’t feeling inspired to run around the house and none of the trails that length nearby are great. We decided to change up the scenery and headed into DC to run around the National Mall instead.

It was so fun to see the monuments as the sun started to set and see people out and about! DC has a mask mandate for indoors, but people were still frolicking and enjoying themselves on the lawn by the Washington Monument.

The Washington Monument
The Lincoln Memorial

Friday – August 6

20 min Foam Roll / 10 min Stretch

Another rest day… sort of. We went back into DC on the Metro to go to the Natural History Museum. We ended up walking to lunch too before we took the Metro back into Virginia to go shopping! Walking around the museum and the mall was exhausting and my feet hurt quite a bit when we got home.

Lunch at Roti

Not to mention, I had just about no success finding work clothes. Everything is either the ultra trendy Gen Z fashion (which isn’t exactly workplace appropriate most of the time) or very casual, probably because of the work from home world we live in.

Saturday – August 7

2 mile Run / 12 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 30 min Strength / 21 min Yoga Stretch

Yes, you are reading that right: I did my plantar fascia prehab twice this week! Last week I mentioned that I wanted to do it 2-3 times a week and I met that goal. Now I just need to keep it up. I think the trick is to just do it right after I have finished running or working out to keep up the momentum.

The 2 mile run felt amazing. It was raining a tiny bit, I listened to a podcast about space hurricanes, and I felt like I was gliding. Love it.

Sunday – August 8

15 mile Trail Run / 30 min Runner’s Yoga

Oh boy, this was a long one! We decided to stay close to home and headed to Rock Creek Park (in DC) for this long run. That park is huge and fantastic, but the trails aren’t super well marked and it’s easy to get confused. Patrick ran on his own and Erica and I ran together. We were very very sweaty and ran out of water around mile 12, which wasn’t ideal. We also saw two snakes! From my research I think we saw either a ribbonsnake or an Eastern Garter Snake and a Black Rat Snake. They wanted nothing to do with us. Erica pointed out that it’s hard to believe we saw no snakes in the wilderness of West Virginia but saw two in DC.

The trails at Rock Creek aren’t super technical, but there are plenty of roots and it is much hillier than you’d expect. It was also fun to see other runners and hikers. The road that runs through the area seems to be closed to cars in the summer, so there were lots of cyclists as well.

My long runs have felt so difficult lately, so yesterday was refreshing! All I wanted was to jump in a pool afterwards, but we lounged around for the rest of the day instead.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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