Running Diary: Much Needed Break

Hello! I am two weeks behind on another training update. I don’t even have a legitimate reason, I just never got around to it. My final year of grad school starts this week and I am looking forward to my classes for the semester. It’s a three year program because it was part-time and it feels like time has flown by. At the same time, starting my MSW in August 2019 feels like it was ages ago. Sometimes I forget I am even pursuing a degree and it feels more like a very intense, sometimes stressful, evening hobby.

Anyway, you’ll notice in these two weeks of training that it was time for a legitimate rest week. I’ve been feeling pretty good on my weekday runs, though struggling with motivation, and then feeling like absolute trash on weekend long runs. I decided I needed a week of super minor mileage. Erica and I are going to follow a (very) intense training plan for our race in March and we’re not starting until September. I can’t decide if I want to keep it easy until then or maintain where I am now. We’ll see. Patrick and I have a very exciting, travel and fun-packed autumn coming up and I am stoked!

Please get vaccinated, wear your mask (even if there’s no mandate where you are or if you’re vaccinated), wash your hands, and drink lots of water. 😉

Monday – August 9

20 min Full Body Strength / 22 min Yoga / 10 min Foam Roll

If I am not taking a rest day but it’s a day off of a running, I like to do a decent amount of strength training. The day before this had been our long run at Rock Creek Park and I had felt pretty good, so this workout wasn’t too hard. It also had 5 minutes of burpees at the end which was SOMETHING.

Went to REI to restock our running nutrition after the weekend’s long run. Can you tell what we like? P.S. Erica and I actually prefer different brands of stroopwafels. I go for Honey Stingers and she likes the GU brand.

Tuesday – August 10

10 min Foam Roll / 3 mile Run / 15 min Strength / 8 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 20 min Yoga

This week was so so unusually hot. All of our runs either happened early or much later in the day than normal to avoid the hottest and most humid parts of the day.

Patrick made noodles for dinner and got to try out his Sith chopsticks.

Wednesday – August 11

30 min Yoga

Bliss. I think I’ve mentioned it before but Yoga with Adriene has this amazing 30 min Runner’s Yoga and I am obsessed. It is the perfect stretch. I was pretty tired this day and thought I was going to fall asleep in a lizard pose.

Thursday – August 12

4 + 4 mile Run / 20 min Foam Roll / 20 min Arms & Shoulders Strength / 7 min Yoga

Another day of trying to not melt. The mileage layout of this week was very different than what I actually did. I can’t remember why I ended up squishing it all together, but it was a mistake. All in all I ran 8 miles this day: 4 before work and 4 during lunch. Not ideal, but pretty good practice for running on tired, slightly stiff legs.

It’s pretty nice to run before the world is really out and about.

Friday – August 13

6 mile Run / 10 min Foam Roll / 10 min Stretch

Another before work run! This run felt amazing. It wasn’t too hot or humid, my playlist was perfect, and it was so peaceful out on my route. However, the high would not last… See tomorrow’s run.

Saturday – August 14

16 mile Trail Run

Yikes, honey. You’ll notice that 30 of the 33 miles this week were 3 days in a row and that was a mistake. Patrick and I went to a nearby trail in Maryland, which we had to do as an out and back. I think cumulative fatigue, poor pre-run nutrition, and general anxiety about the run made this run so hard. I probably could’ve crawled faster. Any incline felt impossible and I think I may have bonked. It was rough, but we covered the distance and I survived. The trail was actually pretty nice!

Sunday – August 15

11 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 16 min Yoga

Sweet, sweet recovery. I can’t even imagine if I had tried to run this day. Patrick and I went out to Leesburg, VA and hit up an outlet mall and then walked around the Old Town area of Leesburg. We had lunch and waltzed around on the W&OD trail out there. It was nice!

Lunch at Delirium Brewing.

Monday – August 16

10 min Foam Roll / 50 min Strength / 16 min Yoga

This strength training was actually three different Peloton classes and they all felt great. I was worried about how I would feel from the long run on Saturday, but no issues. It was also my first time really focusing on lower body strength in a while. I’ve neglected it because I don’t want my legs to feel too sore, but I think it’s time to rope it back in again. This was also the start of my recovery week which really just meant very little running!

Tuesday – August 17

3 mile Run / 16 min Stretch

A sweaty, afternoon run. Of course! Trying to keep it super easy though.

Wednesday – August 18

2 mile Run / 10 min Core Strength / 20 min Foam Roll / 10 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 6 min Yoga

This run was fun. Erica had made an earl gray tea cake, so we got these easy miles in by running to her apartment to pick a hunk of the loaf up! The Arlington County Fair is right behind our house and opened this day, so we also got to see it get going.

Thursday – August 19

30 min Full Body Strength / 10 min Stretch

Powered by funnel cake. Patrick and I went to the Fair ourselves! We walked around, had some (mediocre) fair food for dinner and got a funnel cake!

Friday – August 20

3 mile Run / 5 min Glute Strength / 20 min Foam Roll / 15 min Stretch

After a very rainy morning the sun came up, the temps stayed low(ish), and the humidity was reigned in a bit. I made a funky route that ended a bit of a ways from our house so that we could walk back. It felt so nice to not be drenched in sweat!

Saturday – August 21

3.6 mile Hike / 30 min Chest & Back + Core Strength / 10 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 30 min Runner’s Yoga

Patrick and I are slowly but surely attempting to complete the Virginia State Park Trail Quest. Basically you just go to all the state parks and hike and log it. In return you get a cool enamel pin for certain benchmarks and then a little certificate ceremony once you’ve finished them all!

We headed out to Leesylvania State Park. It wasn’t far at all, but it is on the water so it’s primarily a boating park. We did hike around a bit and get a tour of the visitor center from a sweet volunteer.

We went to a mall afterwards since Patrick is in need of some new running shorts and it was a nightmare. So crowded. Such few masks. We got out of there as quickly as we could.

Sunday – August 22

8 mile Trail Run / 19 min Yoga

Yay, a down week trail run! It feels so nice to know your distance is shorter. We headed to Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland for the first time and it was AMAZING. The trailhead we went to is also 8 minutes from my office… I could not believe that park was in central MD. Fun fact: it’s where the Blair Witch Project was filmed. There were lots of runners and mountain bikers, the trails weren’t too technical and sometimes quite smooth, and it wasn’t too hot! So humid, as always though. Some of the trails on our route seemed to no longer exist which caused minor confusion, but we figured it out. Always helps when you have cell signal!

We headed to Historic Ellicott City afterwards to explore. Lunch was mediocre, but the town was neat. Felt sort of like a little mountain town.

Now I feel ready for another week of higher load! I needed a break and last week felt just right. The only caveat is that I didn’t sleep very well, which I think may have been from lack of running? Who knows. Things are looking up though!


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