Running Diary: A Rainy Week

Oops! Somehow a whole week went by and I didn’t even realize. We had a lot of rain this week, which thwarted some of the scheduling for running. Despite some workweek exhaustion and the crappy weather, it turned into a pretty great week of training and I am looking forward to kicking off our training plan!

Monday – August 23

25 min Full Body + Glute Strength / 10 min Foam Roll / 8 min Yoga

Classic non-running, strength training day. Nothing special to report here!

Tuesday – August 24

5 mile Track Run / 18 min Yoga

This was so fun. Erica and I had planned to attend a running store’s track practice, but the track was closed! We ended up driving into DC to use a track and it was pretty exciting to do a very different workout than normal. We started with a 1 mile warm up, then moved into progressively faster: 1200, 800, 400, kept the pace for another 400, and then slowed down for 800, 1200, with another mile as a cool down.

Running fast is hard and I commend those who do it all the time.

Wednesday – August 25

20 min Foam Roll / 20 min Core / 10 min Stretch

Ah yes, this was supposed to be a running day but turned into an easy strength day. I typically go to the office on Wednesdays, which can be really tiring. I also had my first class meeting for the fall semester and it was amazing. It really changes the vibe of the class when everyone is excited to be there.

hung this lil pinata in my office

Thursday – August 26

4 mile Run / 8 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 15 min Arms & Shoulders + Glute Strength / 10 min Foam Roll / 17 min Stretch

I was on a roll this day. It feels good to get the plantar fascia rehab done and it’s always a bonus when a run feels pretty good.

Friday – August 27

10 min Foam Roll / 20 min Yoga

Sweet, sweet recovery.

Saturday – August 28

5 mile Run / 7 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 20 min Yoga

We were supposed to do this mileage on Friday, but there was rain in the forecast so we skipped it. Instead we slept in on Saturday and then headed to the towpath for this mileage! It was so humid. So humid. It was an out and back, but when I turned around it felt like I couldn’t breathe because I no longer had a breeze in my face. Absolutely brutal. Nonetheless I survived the run and then Patrick and I went kayaking!

We parked at a boathouse on the path for our run, so it was only natural to get ice cream and to rent a tandem kayak after. I have been wanting to kayak on the Potomac since we moved here, but had never gotten around to it. Kudos to Patrick for suggesting it, especially since all the water-sports stuff starts to close after Labor Day!

Sunday – August 29

16 mile Trail Run / 20 min Restorative Yoga

Wooohoo, this was the best long run I’ve had in a very very very long time! We went to Prince William Forest Park (a classic) and had a great time. Erica and I almost kept the mileage to 13, but I am glad we did all 16. I even helped wrangle an eastern copperhead off the trail. This run made me feel good about starting our training plan. It was a confidence booster for sure.

Have a great week and an even better Labor Day weekend!

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