Running Diary: Training Plan – Here We Go!

Wow, what a week. To say I was happy for this week to be over and for a three day weekend would be an understatement. I was angry, exhausted, overwhelmed, elated, excited, and energetic all at once. This was the first week of our 50 miler training plan and all in all I think it went quite well. School and work kept me busy as always, but it felt really nice to go get these runs done, especially since we had some storms earlier in the week and then nice, much cooler weather to follow.

I was so ready for August to be over and I don’t really know why. Maybe because the rest of this year should be really fun? And August feels like the Sunday of the year to me. Whatever reason, I am glad it’s September!

Monday – August 30

10 min Foam Roll / 30 min Upper Body Strength / 20 min Yoga

Sabrina and I are doing one of the Peloton Strength programs, so we got started on that this week. I was surprisingly not too sore from the run on Sunday at Prince William Forest Park, but it still felt nice to have a day off my feet.

During my lunch break I ventured to Starbucks to try their apple crisp macchiato and I am sad to report that it was not good. It tasted like the leftover milk from Apple Jacks cereal and it was $5. Bummer.

Tuesday – August 31

6 mile Run / 15 min Foam Roll / 10 min Core + Glute Strength / 16 min Restorative Yoga

A speedy, solo run followed up with recovery? Love it. We tried the restorative yoga classes on Peloton recently and I love them. They’re sort of funny in that you might be lying in shavasana for half the class, but so relaxing! I also did this core class and it made me sore for a few days.

Wednesday – September 1

4 mile Run / 30 min Lower Body Strength / 17 min Yoga

A lunchtime run before the rain! It felt nice to move and groove in the less humid weather. I kept my weights lighter than normal for the lower body strength class, so that felt really nice too. I finally got around to burning my new fall candle (Pumpkin Vanilla Creme from Bath & Body Works)!

Thursday – September 2

6 mile Run / 30 min Full Body Strength / 20 min Foam Roll / 5 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 15 min Yoga

I treated this run like a recovery run and listened to a podcast for school during the first half. The podcast episode was so interesting that I went into running autopilot and just enjoyed what I was learning and the weather.

Friday – September 3

10 min Foam Roll / 16 min Yoga

Rest day! We started the morning eating bagel sandwiches that Erica brought home from DC after her night shift. This was a chill day at work prior to the long weekend and we spent the night grocery shopping.

Saturday – September 4

5.77 mile Run / 11 min Plantar Fascia Recovery / 30 min Yoga

In the training plan, Saturdays are for a prescribed long run and Sundays are for a timed recovery run (to practice running on tired legs). We swapped those around this week for a multitude of reasons and I am so glad we did. We kept this run easy and the runner’s yoga after paired nicely with my tired legs.

Sunday – September 5

12.7 mile Trail Run

Oh boy, this was a tough one! Corbin Cabin Trail and Nicholson Hollow Trail at Shenandoah, over 3000 ft of climbing in 6 miles, and a little bit of rain. As I write this my glute medius and my ankles are still sore. The trail descended 3000 ft for the first four miles, then immediately began climbing again for four miles straight before a brief reprieve and then another long climb. It was rocky and the rain made things slick.

We hadn’t been out to Shenandoah in a while, so it was fun to be back in those woods. There were lots of backpackers camping on the Corbin Cabin Trail, but Nicholson Hollow felt way more remote and less utilized. We didn’t see any bears, but we did see a funky turtle on the trail! Afterwards we went to a cafe called Before & After before the drive home and I imagine we’ll visit many more times.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I am still pretty tired, but it’s nothing another good night of sleep won’t fix. Happy September!