2022 Aspirations

Happy (almost) New Year! I love this time of year. I didn’t feel much into the holiday spirit this year, probably because the pandemic is still raging and some other stressful factors going on in life. Nonetheless, I love the energy the new year brings and I love how excited everyone gets to bring about change in their lives. Sure, we know New Year’s resolutions are not often fruitful, but I love the effort!

I am also not much of a spring cleaning person (why would you spend that time inside cleaning when it’s finally getting a nice out?!). But I am definitely a post-Christmas cleaning person. Patrick and I cleaned and organized our bathroom the other day, plus it’s so satisfying to tidy up when the Christmas decorations come down.

Anyway, I love setting goals each year (or anytime really). In lieu of setting year long goals for 2022, I decided to write a list of things I’d like to do more of and I plan to let that guide me throughout the year. Maybe each month I’ll pick one or two to focus on or maybe I’ll just look at it if I feel like I’m in a rut or simply uninspired. I’m going very low stakes this year.

2022 should be an interesting one! Hopefully a huge work event will go off without a hitch, I’ll run my second 50 miler with Erica, graduate from grad school, and who knows what. Hopefully Patrick’s hip will heal up smoothly and we can spend plenty of time outside. Fingers crossed!

Before getting into my list of 2022 aspirations, let’s take a look back at goals from previous years since, you know, time doesn’t exist anymore and the years seem to blur together.

My 2020 goals:

  1. Max out my IRA contributions
  2. Visit somewhere new
  3. Read a book a month (at least)
  4. Pursue finance, professionally
  5. PR my half marathon

My 2021 goals (with some notes from today):

  1. PR my 10k (I didn’t intentionally attempt this, but I’m 95% sure I could do it)
  2. Do a pull up (Sort of fell of the bandwagon on this one, but did do a lot of strength training)
  3. Start volunteering regularly (Not even a little bit… oops)

Patrick and I had some shared 2021 goals too:

  1. Max out our IRAs (freaking crushed it)
  2. Eat meatless 3x a week (we didn’t do 3 specific meatless days a week but our meals definitely averaged out to be at least 9/21 vegetarian)
  3. Bikepack on C&O Canal (we got so close and then didn’t. I can’t remember why. Rain maybe?)

As you can see, there was some mixed success with the 2021 goals. Looking at them now I am confused why I chose them since they seem so random and not in line with what I was focused on. Listen, December 2020 was a weird time for me so who knows what I was thinking.

Now let’s look at 2022!

Juliana’s 2022 Aspirations (aka Do More Of List):

  1. Camp 3+ times
  2. Go bikecamping
  3. Put on a dress and go outdoors (farmer’s market, picnic, etc)
  4. Make some eco-friending swaps at home
  5. Buy a few pieces of clothing that I’ll love and wear for a long time
  6. Travel more
  7. Take a spontaneous sick day and go to the beach (for legal purposes this is a joke… (it’s not))
  8. Go to organized runs or track practices
  9. Go kayaking more
  10. Figure out a post-50 miler gym plan/routine
  11. Make one day a week extra special
  12. Read more books
  13. Go on more day hikes
  14. Volunteer at one (or more) running race
  15. Figure out finances
  16. Plan more run projects
  17. Ask for a raise
  18. Plate meals, set the table more often
  19. Make little videos/montages of photos and videos
  20. Journal or blog more

They’re pretty random. As I was typing them out I realized some are single occurrence aspirations and others are ongoing and more abstract. Like I mentioned before, maybe each month I’ll pick two to actually turn into SMART goals or I’ll put an event on the calendar. We’ll see! A handful also seem really vague, but are actually slightly more detailed in my notebook. I just didn’t want to put too much out there for anyone to come across.

Are you planning any goals or aspirations for 2022? I’d love to hear them!

All the best,