bull market mood

Well well well, it has been a minute. I think that’s how I start 99% of my blog posts these days. I can’t help it! I sit down to write something and then get frustrated that my thoughts don’t make as much sense as I want them to or I just get distracted by something else. That being said, I do enjoy writing here when I get around to it. The past few months have been a pretty good time. Since I last posted we held a big event for work that I spent half a year planning and I ran 45 miles in the Shenandoah backcountry.

We travelled, we had folks come to visit, and Patrick and I have been up to general shenanigans! After I did my long run in Shenandoah, I took a few weeks off to recover and plan out our summer. Patrick and I printed out April-August calendars and started writing out plans we already had and filled in some weekends with new activities. A few weeks ago we officially kicked off hot girl summer or, alternatively, bull market season. I made an Instagram post about this recently, so I’ll just steal the caption:

“Despite the fact it was 50 degrees yesterday and our heater is literally on right now, it’s hot girl summer! Alternatively: it’s a bull market, baby. We’re on the up and up and our self-worth is through the roof. Patrick & I are aggressively pursuing the raddest summer we can this year and I am thrilled. What does a hot girl summer/bull market look like for us, you ask?

Training for the Allegheny Forest Gravel Grinder, camping trips, getting involved in the community, weight lifting, tailgate picnics, concerts, Texas visitors, overthrowing the patriarchy, kayaking, waking up early, trail running and hiking, taking trips, big endurance events, fighting for a promotion, wearing clothes that make me feel powerful, reading books that educate and entertain, eating fresh foods, and so much more!”

I am pretty pumped, if you couldn’t tell. There was a lot that I put off while I was training for my ultra because I felt like I didn’t have the time or extra energy for it. Not anymore! This summer is dedicated to pursuing anything and everything that will bring me joy.

Before I ran my ultra, Patrick and I brainstormed what we wanted to do with our lives afterwards and what our summer might look like. I thought a lot about what summer meant and felt like as a kid and wanted to channel as much excitement as possible. The feeling of getting out of school for the summer was magnificent and having vacations or plans to look forward to in the dog days of summer was even better. I absolutely wish I could simply not work at all for a few months and beep bop around doing whatever I wanted. Would I get bored? Yes, probably – but it would be fun for a while!

I just don’t want time to fly by over these next few months and come into the fall feeling like I didn’t get around to doing anything. I want to look back on this summer fondly and proud of the shenanigans I got into. I also want to take good care of myself and to continue becoming more and more of the version of myself I know I can be. Make sense?

I want to unapologetically pursue this life all gas, no brakes and have a great time doing it. So that’s what I’ll be up to this summer! And then who knows what will come in the fall. I’m trying not to jump too far forward yet.

I hope you join me in this season. Run in the sunshine and read something new. Find music you enjoy and makes you dance. See ya later!

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