About Juliana Moves

Hi, I’m Juliana! I started this blog two days before I left my hometown to go to college. I initially created it as a way to document my life for those interested in whatever I was up to. Over the years, it constantly evolved and developed into what it is now. People who have read my posts from time to time over the last few years have seen blurbs about my college classes, running, recipes, quotes, streams of consciousness, and quite frankly, unintelligible rambling.

Here we are, almost seven years later, and I’ve decided that Juliana Moves is essentially my online diary. Or some sort of advice column to myself. As I’ve reread some of my posts, I’ve noticed that much of it is just stuff I wish someone would have said to me during different points of my life. My blog provided me an outlet to write those letters to myself and to those who decided to click on my post.

It’s strange that on such a public, Google-able platform, I strive to be brutally honest with myself. I attempt to give myself some grace and to practice self love. I write and type to sort my thoughts and to calm my heart.

And now, here you are, exploring my blog. I do hope you enjoy it. Or find something that speaks to you as I so desperately needed it to speak to me.

You’re welcomed here.



Yo, Ju. What’s up with the title of your blog?

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