Oh Texas


TOMORROW IS RACE DAY. And guess what? It’s supposed to be real freaking cold.

I love Texas, but it’s pretty bipolar.

I trained in temps ranging from 80-100 degrees, but all it takes is one little cold snap for racing conditions to look like this:


Thank goodness for wetsuits. And today I’m going to buy a jacket (and possibly pants) for the ride.

This should be fun! 😉

The Emperor’s Vegan Dessert Bars

Hey hey!

Coming to you live with a fun little recipe I’ve made a few times this fall!

It’s basically this recipe with a few adaptations!

Instead of brown sugar, I used organic coconut palm sugar. Instead of the oil, I used a splash of almond milk. And instead of applesauce, I used one and a half mashed ripe-ish bananas!

You guys, it’s so so so good. Please make these. 🙂


They’re vegan (yay for health, the earth, and animals!) and just so good.

MAKE THESE NOW. And then watch The Emperor’s New Groove like my roomie and I are doing right now haha.

Have a happy week!


P.S. Less than a week until 70.3. Y E S!


Good morning and happy Friday! It’s the weekend! 

I don’t have much on the agenda which I am insanely pleased about. I was going to do a brick workout with Texas Triathlon this morning, but I woke up and ate breakfast and went back to sleep. My whole body felt droopy and I ended up sleeping for two more hours, so I guess I needed it! Last night I swam 2200 yards at Greg! That’s a little over 1.2 miles. It made me even more excited for 70.3 in a couple weeks!

Also, if you know me you know that I am addicted to coffee. Well, yesterday I went caffeine free all day! Coffee didn’t sound very appetizing in the morning and I felt pretty great all day, so I went without it! However, today, as I write this my pot of coffee is finishing brewing. 😉 I am weaning myself off of so much caffeine though. My coffee is half-caff!

I’m in the mood to cook and bake today, so maybe I’ll have a recipe later!

Have a wonderful day!


race1 race2

The race pictures from the Kerrville Tri are slowly but surely being released. Here are some running ones! I don’t look like I was suffering too much! 😉

Endorphin High!

Yo wazzup! Remember that time I was freaking out about my running? 😉 Well, I mentioned that I should pay more attention to my mile splits and blah blah blah.

Today I went on a run and did exactly the opposite. I didn’t track it whatsoever. I just listened to the music on my phone. Not even my running playlist! It was so amazing.

Seriously it reminded me why I love running so much ❤

The weather was perfect and my legs felt so fresh! I got pretty hungry about halfway through but I managed.

Also, I live in Austin and I was passing by ACL while Iggy Azalea was performing and it was SO AWESOME. It put a huge smile on my face!

I ended up running 10.5 miles when I thought that I had maybe done 9!

Then I ate this dinner again while typing this! 🙂

It’s been a ridiculously good day.

Thank you carbs, legs, and running shoes. ❤

photo (1)



Race Recap: Kerrville Quarter Tri

Hello hello good morning! I’m up an hour before my alarm because I went to bed really early last night haha!

Want to hear all about my triathlon? Well good! Because I’m about to tell you alllll about it!

I’ll skip all the boring stuff and we’ll go straight to 4:50 am on Sunday morning. Waking up wasn’t so bad considering I had gone to sleep at around 8 the night before…

Immediately I got dressed, threw my tent into its bag, and headed to the swim start! My bike had already been put into transition the day before, so all I needed to do was set up the actual transition stuff.



This triathlon had an interesting transition system. There were two transition areas and in our packets from pick up we had three bags: morning clothes, bike gear, and run gear. Saturday afternoon, we had to deposit our bikes into T1, then we all had to drive over to T2 where you had to out your running gear bag which was full of anything you’d possibly need for your run. On Sunday morning, right before the swim, you put anything you wore/brought to the race that you didn’t need to actually race into the morning clothes bag (ex: sweatshirt because it was freaking 59 degrees outside!!!) and then gave it to the race crew. The bike gear bag was for the transition from swim to bike. Anything you were not going to use for the bike needed to be put into the bike gear bag (ex: towels, goggles, swim cap, transitioning junk) so that the crew could pick up those bags. At the end of the race, all of your stuff would already have been brought to T2 because it was so close to the finish line!

It was a really nice system but I was so terrified that I would accidentally forget something and/or put stuff in the wrong bag. But I didn’t!

Back to the race now!

The swim was in the Guadalupe River. And wetsuit legal. I felt like the only person there that didn’t have a wetsuit and I was freaking out. I was most worried about the swim to begin with it and I didn’t want another freezing catastrophe like at the Rookie Tri. However, because it was so cold outside, the water was warmer than the air so it actually felt really nice to get in. It was also a time trial start instead of a mass start and I LOVED it. Every 3-5 seconds they sent someone into the water, so you didn’t have to worry about getting kicked in the jugular. To keep calm as I swam, I kept trying to pretend I was just swimming laps in the pool. I felt really strong as I swam even in the open water! 🙂

There was a giant hill leading from swim to T1 so I ran up it like a boss.

Ahhh yes. The bike was really fun! Kerrville was so beautiful that I had to constantly make sure I wasn’t slowing down to just look around. I also experimented with fueling and it worked out really well! I brought ClifKids bars with me and ate one every hour on the hour. The only lame thing that happened on the bike was when I watched someone crash 😦 he was trying to pass and hit a cone because his head was down. Luckily no cars were coming, but he veered into the street and fell and slid for a while. I saw him hustling during the run though, so I think he’s okay!

Hahaha, this was kind of funny because any time I tried to put my shoe on I’d lose my balance and tip over.

Oh man. It was a 2 loop course. Not going to lie, I was pretty out of it by this point. I did not have coffee the morning of the race. My legs felt strong but my mind was like oh my goodness they have orange slices at this aid station I LOVE ORANGE SLICES SO MUCH. Nonetheless, I kept trucking along. The route was pretty hilly and the first loop took you right next to the finish line (which was torture)! I ran pretty slow… My pace improved towards the end because I had finished shaking off the bike soreness, so hopefully that’ll work out well for the 1/2 Iron Triathlon!

Finish Line:
It was happy happy times. 🙂




After the race, I got my first PSL of the season and drove home. It was so peaceful!

I’m really excited for 70.3 now! 🙂 I know what training I need to focus on for this last month of training and then it’ll be time to kick triathlon butt.


Breaking the rules…

Yo! I am mere minutes away from leaving for a two hour drive for my triathlon tomorrow!

I don’t know if I’ll have time to write tonight, so I’ll fill you in now:

This is NOT the half Ironman I’ve been training for. This is a quarter distance Ironman, so the distances are 1000m swim, 29 mile ride, 6.2 mile run.

I’m excited, buuuuuut I’m breaking all the race day “rules”. 😉

I’ll be camping tonight, so tomorrow morning my race day routine will be all out of whack. I normally have the same breakfast for every single race but tomorrow is TBD. Also, coffee. I’m not sure how I’ll get my hands on that tomorrow but I know that I will somehow.

Next, race attire. I’m trying out my tri suit for all three events tomorrow. I’ve swam and rode in it before, but I’ve never run in it.

NUTRITION! For being interested in becoming a sports dietitian I am really terrible at fueling myself during workouts. Tomorrow I’ll be trying a variety of things. Stay strong, stomach. Stay strong.

Finally, training. I know I can do all three of the components fairly easily, but putting them together will be the real challenge.

Nevertheless, I’m ridiculously pumped. I’m not looking for a PR of any kind. I’m just looking to finish strong! 🙂

It’s also my first solo race, so I’m going to have the opportunity to just focus on myself and not have to worry who is watching.

Wish me luck!



tri tri2