Remember that bucket list? I’ve been knocking things off and not blogging about them. Maybe I’ll catch up this week?

Anyway, I knocked one off today. The one that has been on every bucket list I’ve ever written: go bungee jumping.

My brother and I drove three hours to Dallas just to do this. He ended up jumping too and it was so worth it.









There are seriously no words to describe it.
I spent so much time trying to imagine what it’d be like once I got up there and I was still so blown away.
It was beautiful and amazing and terrifying and high and windy and exhilarating and freeing.
I knew that if I second guessed for even a moment I may panic, so the jumpmaster counted to three and I went.
I would do it a thousand more times.
People, I’ve been afraid of heights my whole life. It feels so amazing to punch that fear in the kidneys.

Any of my friends/family reading this that has ever had an inkling of desire to bungee jump: I WILL GO WITH YOU. And we will laugh the fear of it in the face.

Soar my friends.


Hey! I went to a coffee shop today to study for my bio test this Friday. I ordered the bottomless iced coffee and ended up drinking two glasses… At 5 p.m..

Yeah, bad idea. Afterwards, I went to Gregory to swim laps. I wanted to get another workout in and I was trying to tire myself out. However, after 700 yards, my stomach started to really hurt so I called it quits. ):

And now, it is 11:14 and I am WIDE AWAKE! I even went to HEB just a bit ago to buy bananas because I randomly decided that I desperately needed them for breakfast.


I also had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios because my stomach is a bottomless pit today.

Anyway, on to the actual point of this post!

I checked more things off my bucket list recently! 🙂

We will go chronologically!

#15 BBQ stuff! Completed 3.29.14
Remember how I said I had the best Saturday ever? Well, I realized later that when we grilled that night, we had checked this off my list!

#11 Make something from Pinterest! Completed 3.30.14
To be 100% honest, I did bake something new-to-me, but it wasn’t from my pins! Hahahaha! I made Martha Stewart’s raspberry cream cookies! Mmmmm. I gave them away to Sabrina and Mathew because it was too tempting to have them around! They were basically just two sugar cookies held together by a raspberry-white chocolate cream! I even had to ride my bike to HEB to buy more sugar and all-purpose flour and white chocolate. It was fun!

#4 Mozart’s. Completed 3.31.14
Today! It was the coffee shop I went to! Hahaha! Look it up Mozart’s Coffee. I had been years ago with Sabrina and I wanted to go myself. It’s on the lake and the patio is so nice! The weather was perfect, too. Next time I’d like to go at night! I didn’t take any pictures really because I was being a flashcard making machine. 😉 The place smells like something odd is burning but that’s because they actually roast their beans on location! I loved it!


That’s it! This was a pretty randomly decided post! Hahaha! Wish me luck at my 8 a.m discussion tomorrow.