BCB: Juliana

Good morning!
I am up bright and early because I have work, but then I’m driving home to have dinner with MY BEST FRIEND THAT I HAVENT SEEN IN TWO MONTHS!

You could say I’m pretty excited. 🙂

Anyway, welcome to yet another episode of Battle of the Cold Brews: Juliana edition.

Juliana edition? That’s right. I made this one myself!

[P.S. Please ignore my messy room… I’m in the slow process of packing it…]

I used 3 tbsp of my Allegro Italian roast coffee in my little French press. I covered it for about 8 hours and then I just pressed the grounds down as if I was making hot French press coffee! Boom. No cheese cloth or filter needed.

I let it refrigerate overnight so that I could taste it this morning.

First off, let me say that it’s interesting how different all the coffee I’ve had so far tastes in general. Solely, I guess, from whatever beans are being used.

Mine isn’t as smooth as the others I’ve tried so far, and it has a little bit of acidity. However, man oh man, mine is dark. 🙂
The coffee I used is so good when I make it hot and black because if how strong it is! That boldness translated well when I cold brewed it.

And you know what else? It was free.

So far, my search for the best cold brew has cost me anywhere from $2.25-$3.50 per cup. Dang son. I just wouldn’t want to spend that every morning!

A month of that could cover a race fee! 😉

Anyway, I am pleased with my cold brew! Now I just need to figure out how to make it in bigger batches!


Battle of the Cold Brews

I’m on a mission.
To find the best cold brew coffee in Austin.

I’m going to do my best to document my thoughts on each one I try and compare them as I go!

However, let me make it clear that I’m only looking for cold brew.

Cooled coffee over ice is not the same. At all.

Oh, and don’t get me started on hot coffee poured directly over ice. It’s happened before and it breaks my heart everytime!

So without further adieu,

Yesterday I finally tried Jo’s (on SoCo) cold brew and it was niiiiice.

My thoughts: To be honest, it was a little too weak for me! I like my iced coffee black with absolutely no sweetener or cream and I like it strong. To anyone else, black coffee is already really strong, but when it comes to iced coffee I like it extra dark! Nonetheless, it was still delicious and so smooth and it’s on S. Congress so you can pick some up, take an iconic picture with the “i love you so much” graffiti and then wander around!

Now today, after an unintentional three hour nap, I headed to Buzzmill for the first time!

Yoooo, it was good. Majorly good. The vibe of the place was pretty cool, but I’m not sure I’d casually just sit there alone. Either way, I liked the coffee more than Jo’s actually! AND it’s open 24 hours and literally 5 seconds from my house, so I’ll keep that in mind when I’m up late studying next semester… 😉