October & Ramblings

Happy October friends!
This month is so wonderful!
Normally Texas actually begins to transition into fall, there’s pumpkin carving, and Halloween! 🙂

I just finished breakfast and now I’m actually drinking a cup of coffee at home because I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm. I could be taking this time to study for my Genetics midterm on Thursday, but clearly the best way to abate stress is to just procrastinate…

This weekend I am headed home for the first time all semester and I am excited! The weather is supposed to be insanely nice in Magnolia, so I’m going to attempt a 50 mile ride and a 10 mile run. Heyyyooo brick. Other than that, I want to carve a pumpkin and just straight up chill. This semester has made me the busiest I’ve ever been in my life, so I really need a weekend to unwind.

Going to Kerrville for my triathlon was the perfect vacation for me and I came back to Austin feeling really refreshed, but going to Magnolia will be my chance to go on a lazy vacation.

Last night, there were so many cops and even a helicopter surrounding my apartment complex! We locked all the doors and such, but I still have no idea what was going on…

Also, yesterday was such an amazing day! There was a minor hiccup of just plain ol’ negativity, but I took my girl T-Swizzy’s advice and shook it off. Yeah, I got down to that sick beat. Hahahahaha, man I’m funny. #not

Nonetheless, the rest of my day was freaking awesome and I ran into one of my insanely awesome coworkers on campus which was definitely a day brightener!

Today I have classes, three hours of Genetics office hours (to hopefully help me wrap my head around it), and then a swim!

The fact that it’s October makes up for it though 🙂


P.S. My dad’s birthday is tomorrow!

Greens, Eggs, No Ham.

Today I have a “recipe” for you!

I say “recipe” because I like meals that are thrown together in the blink of an eye. Seriously. I like quick and easy with very little clean up!

I also really really like breakfast for dinner. And colorful meals. So, without further adieu:

Greens, Eggs, No Ham.


I started by sauteeing about two and a half giant handfuls of organic kale in olive oil with pepper and a bit of salt. While the kale was getting a bit crispy, I cut up ~1/4 each of a red, yellow, and orange bell pepper and then those got thrown in with the kale. Finally, I cracked two eggs straight into the pan and waited until the whites and yolks were cooked enough!

And voila! It was so so good. So simple, so tasty, and so nutritious. A piece of toast slathered with hummus would’ve been an awesome addition to this, but I’m surprisingly all hummus-ed out at the moment! 😉

You should definitely try this out because it was amazing!



P.S. In case you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I’m not 100% vegan. I don’t eat meat and I avoid dairy as much as possible, but I do eat eggs. They’re delicious and practically my only B-12 source. Also, I’m definitely NOT even vegetarian when I’m at my brother’s house because they cook awesome food and there’s no way I’m going to pass that up! 🙂

September Sunday //


Happy Sunday 🙂

Mine has been fairly low-key, yet so so productive. I woke up, had breakfast, went on a kickbutt 30 mile ride, showered and had lunch, and now I’m at Coffee Bean doing homework until my shift starts.

I’m outside on the patio because the weather is still so unbelievably amazing. I can’t wait for the trees to start turning a beautiful orange color! 🙂

I hope the rest of your Sunday is fantastic and restful yet productive.



Jam Packed

Hey Happy Tuesday!

The day’s barely started but I’ve been busy.
My schedule has been like this:
Swim workout
20 minute break to eat apple and write this 😉
UGS (as the assistant)
My office hours
Nutrition lab

And then I get to go home at 6:30, do homework, go to gym for upper body lifting, dinner, and sleeeeep.

My schedule is jam packed and I am not exaggerating when I say my life has solely been school, training, and work.

Not going to lie though, I love it. 🙂

I have a quarter distance Ironman on the 28th, so I haven’t been slacking in training. On Friday I swam 2000 consecutive yards! It was my first time and it felt goooooood.

Sunday I headed out to do a bike/run brick. My plan was 20 miles on the bike and then a 10k run. Well, at mile 17.7 my tire blew so I didn’t get to finish that.

However, my run went from a 10k to TEN MILES! It was amazing! The double digits are back! Yesterday I was so sore though! Haha 🙂 on Sunday I’m going on a 56 mile ride which should be fun!

Alright, I should finish this apple and then head to class!

Much love,

P.S. Happy birthday, Sabrina!


Legs are for transportation!

Happy Thursday!
How has yours been?
Mine has been super random.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t decide whether to ride my bike to school or take the bus. I had a gut feeling that I should’ve just taken my bike, but my legs wanted to chill so I rode the bus.

Well, after sitting through my literature lecture, I headed to the bus only to find that the buses were on lockdown!

You see, I attend UT Austin (hook ’em!) and we are currently having a Civil Rights Summit in LBJ Library. President Obama is here along with George Bush and Bill Clinton and other important people! Because of this, security is strict.

I decided that I was too impatient to wait for the bus and I also happened to be wearing my running shoes… Do you see where this is going?
I dumped my heaviest books in my locker, ate a cereal bar (?) snack and then:
I ran 4.1 miles home with my backpack on and walked the last .5!



I know. Cute faces.

I passed by a Juiceland so I bought and drankchugged a Marathon Man {pineapple, beets, flax oil}.


I was disgustingly sweaty (read: sweat was dripping into my eyes and burning them) so when she handed me my juice she said “good luck with your marathon!” Um, yeah. I had only done 3.1 but it probably looked like I was on mile 26!

Hahaha : )

I thought my backpack bouncing would drive me insane but it wasn’t too bad. Who needs vehicular transportation when you have your legs?!

Now I’m just chilling and thinking about going on a longer run later!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

P.S. Sweaty + happy = bliss ❤