Pumpkins & Knives…

Make for a good time!





I carved the baby on the first step and Erica carved the baby cyclops on the second step. I carve the same thing every year! 😉

Now we’re roasting the pumpkin seeds (without burning them this year)!

Have a beautiful October Sunday!


P.S. I bought a plane ticket to Portland, OR. And I reserved a bunk in a hostel. That’s the extent of planning I intend to do. #wanderlust

College No More


Surprised/confused/indifferent about the title?

I shall explain.

I’m not going to college anymore.


Totally kidding. Kind of. Tomorrow I was supposed to have classes from 8-11, but now the university is closed until noon! Why? Because of wintery weather. Yeah. Not snow. Not ice. Just coldness.

This may seem kind of surprising, but I want to go to school!

There have already been so many cancelled classes this semester because of the cold, but I want to learn! I actually enjoy my classes and what I’m learning… Sure, the 8 a.m.s suck, but I can deal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about having the morning to get tons of homework done lounge around. But it’s just kind of frustrating. Yeah, the cold is pretty unbearable, but once you’re inside a lecture hall it is warm and toasty!

Also, I’m scheduled to work tomorrow afternoon because I was supposed to have classes in the morning. So I have to drive home late tomorrow. When in all actuality, I could’ve worked in the morning! #frustration 

Oh well! Life goes on.

In other news:

I’m going home this weekend! I’m bringing my bike so that I can go on a long training ride on Saturday. And then on Sunday, Erica and I are running 9 miles together! Wahooooo!

Although a week from Sunday is my half marathon… Taper? What taper? ;]

Wow, I feel completely pooped. I’ve been working hard, training hard, and studying hard. That leaves you completely wiped, I guess! But what’s ridiculous is that I know that the second I get into bed, I won’t feel as tired anymore!


Alrighty, time for me to read some blogs and maybe hopefully possibly get some school work done!


Juliana {the barista!}

One day, when I have my own place, I want it to be so cozy.  I want to have mugs and plates that have as much character as possible. And I want my place to radiate warmth.  There will be no need for drink coasters or place mats. I want it to be a place, […]

Random random random!

Helllloooo! :]

I’m going home today! I survived this week, thank goodness! 

I woke up at 5:37 and I had eaten breakfast and was dressed and ready by 6:15… I was up before my alarm and I was super quick… Can you tell I’m excited about today?! Haha!

I have class until 12 and then I’m driving home! ❤

Tonight, Alex, Erica, Blake, and myself are all going to see Thor 2. I’m very excited because I’ve heard it’s good! And so far, all the Marvel movies have been good!

Also, after today, there are 2.5 weeks of the semester left! :O :O :O :O

Well, then there are finals… But at least there will be no class! Just lots of coffee and stress and tears and studying… Hahahahaha

Anyway, I made it my goal to get a bunch of homework done this week so that I could enjoy my weekend without having to worry about rushing home Sunday night to get it all done. I did it, too! I have some bio reading and some chem, but that may take me all of an hour and I’m sure Alex wouldn’t mind chilling in Starbucks… #IHope! ;]

To celebrate my excitement of today, I am wearing my favorite outfit. It sounds silly, but everything feels great today! My crazy awesome sweater I got, my new dark jeans, and fuzzy grey boots {yes, I am that girl!}

The next four weekends are going to be so good :] ❤ 

There’s really no point to this post, I just have 20 minutes to kill so I am typing away! Hahaha

So, I’ve decided that if I get a job this summer, I’m going to go local/organic. Not 100%. But when I buy my produce, I think I’ll stick to local farmers markets. Yay environmental stability and FRESH food! I ❤ my fruits and vegetables. Another thing: I’ve decided that when I run out of bread and oatmeal and stuff, I am NOT going to get more. I’m going to try-out going a little bit wheat-free… I’ve read a lot about people that do that and they feel way better because by eliminating wheat, they are eliminating empty carbs and quite a bit of sugars.. Hmmmm… I like to try things out, so why not?!

Here’s another random thing. A couple years ago, my dad took us kids to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra show one Christmastime. It was good! It’s really cool how they combine traditional orchestra and electric guitars! ;] The only thing is, it was two hours long! And it started kind of late! If you know me, you know I am so much more of a morning person. It takes quite a bit to get me to happily stay up late! —– I only brought this up because I have Christmas Pandora on and one of their songs started playing!

Another random tidbit: Tomorrow is my 10 mile run! 😀 HOLLLAAAA. Sabrina and I did 1/2 a mile of sprints yesterday… 8×100 on the outdoor track. It was c-c-c-cold! But it was fun because my pants were falling down and she has such longer legs that I felt like an awkward giraffe trying to keep up with her. But, my BME test is done. What’s done is done. It was HARD! Like, much harder than the practice tests {Dr. Y is a bootyhole} but I tried my best and now we can only see…


Alright, I need to go pack my stuff in the car!

Peace out! 🙂




three things.

BME programming assignment #2

UGS research paper

BME midterm #2

One down and two to go! 

The research paper is due tomorrow and I am actually procrastinating by writing this, but I just don’t know how to write the darn paper! Bleh. I enjoy writing, but the topic I picked is BORING.

Anyway, this week is extremely stressful because I HAVE to do well on that midterm and the research paper has to be about 7 pages long… And I have the intro paragraph and that’s it.

The good news is I HAVE KNOCKED ONE THING OFF THE LIST! That program was stressing me out to the max. I cried while randomly walking around campus like 6 times today because I was so freaking frustrated. But I did it 🙂

The research paper isn’t really stressful, it’s just going to be such a pain to write! I may need to get a pot of coffee going for that… Haha!

My motivation to get through this week is that I am going HOME! ❤

I love going home. Really, I do. I love the people and even the drive! Instead of going straight down 290, I’ve found that from my apartment it is faster to take 21 to 71 to 290. It’s shorter, faster, and more scenic {because it takes me right next to Bastrop State Park!}

These last couple weeks have been full of tests and almost end of the semester anxiety. So I have found that it feels a little easier if I write down all the big things I have to tackle and watch them get checked off as I accomplish them. It’s always a big weight off my shoulders when I finally can scratch the last major obstacle off of my desk calendar and planner!

Coffee definitely helps me get through the crazy weeks. Today, Erica tweeted me a $5 Starbucks gift card through their new “tweet a coffee” program! I already spent it… Haha! On a tall, skinny, salted caramel mocha. It was pretty good! The Starbucks I went to was out of caramel brulee syrup, but the SCM was a nice substitute!

In other news, I’m skipping my calc discussion tomorrow to sleep in and do my calc homework at home. I feel like I’ve said this a thousand times, but the discussion is just not helpful for me whatsoever!

However, I am going to go to my 9:30 BME discussion so that I can kick my midterm right in the jugular. 

Tomorrow is also I casual training run. I’m thinking 5 miles after I get out of BME at 6:15. Last week I did that and it started to rain a little and I felt so hardcore. Haha! I need new headphones though 😦 One of the earbuds is broken, so it’s a little harder to get in the zone when music is only blaring in one ear!

Oh well! I shall survive!

Now I need to go fill up my water bottle and crack down on this research paper {again, BLEH!}

Talk to you guys later!