cafe de olla <3

Currently laying in bed, typing this on my WordPress app, because the exhaustion is too real…

I made cafe de olla today! It was amazing. My roommate Kyle and my BFF Britt both approved! Holllaaaa.

I drank a lot of this in Mexico and got a bit hooked so I had to figure out how to make it myself… I compared a few different recipes and ended up with this:

FIRST, in four cups of water, dissolve a little less than 1/3 cup of  this:

Also throw in half a stick of Mexican cinnamon or whatever cinnamon you can find.

Bring that to a boil or at least cook it until all the sugar cane is melted in. 

Take the pot off heat and then use 4 Tbs of pretty seriously ground coffee and throw it into your sugary water and cover the pot to let the coffee steep for 5 minutes. Side note: I think a darker roast is a better choice than a breakfast blend because the stronger, more intense flavor of a dark roast would balance with the sugar in the drink. But if you just want caffeine and sugar, then by all means use a lighter roast!

Next is the hardest part in my opinion. You have to strain out the coffee grounds. 

I used a French Press for convenience! (Also please don’t mind the background… I was making lunch… More Mexican food!)

I know the coffee looks dark and scary and bitter but it’s actually so smooth and just sweet enough that coffee afocionados and “coffee” (aka milk) drinkers alike will love it!

Not the most nutritious drink ever, but whatevs. It’s tasty and amazing and should be made and shared every once in a while!

Come on over for breakfast some morning and I’ll make us cafe de olla and chilaquiles.

Food is a part of my love language.



Be here // Go do

Hey guys, it’s honesty hour. Since I’ve gotten home from Mexico, I’ve been in a very real slump. It’s the first time in a really really long time that I haven’t had a set agenda and schedule. It’s been making me feel very low energy, unproductive, and honestly pretty sad.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it and yesterday I talked to one of my wisest friends, Marissa. You guys. Mar knows all things and she has a heart of gold. Go befriend her asap.

Basically, she reminded me that it’s okay to slow down. And then I fell asleep and dreamt a lot. 

I had dreams about things that I actually don’t remember anymore, but when my alarm went off at 6 am for my long run I rolled over, saw that it was storming outside, and went back to sleep.

It’s a sign from the universe to take a chill pill.

I have two pictures in my room that I loves lot. One says “be here” and the other says “go do”. If you know me even a little bit, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I do not like to stay still. I constantly crave action and newness and adventure and spontaneity. Therefore, this last week has been difficult.

I’m also hilariously terrible at resting. Back in January my IT band got all janky and I should’ve just rested it. Did I? No. And the issue lasted much longer than it probably would’ve. I need to learn.

So, in order to survive the next week and a half before school starts, here’s my mission: do whatever I want. 

A lot of the time I compile lists in my head of things that I’d like to do, recipes I want to attempt, people I want to see, crafts I’d like to botch terribly… But I never actually do them because I’m always so wrapped up in my plans. I’m all for doing things on a whim, but sometimes things fall to the wayside…

THEREFORE! These next 11 days are going to be about:

Enjoying workouts

Recipes I’ve always wanted to try -> so far: salsa, peach cobbler, zucchini banana chocolate chip muffins

Delivering newly baked food goodies to friends -> its my love language

Attempting crafts -> medal hanger today!

Extravagant breakfasts and French Press coffee

Galveston trip and maybe some camping

Finishing a book or just scrapping it and getting a new one

Decorating my room and setting up the house

Volunteering at the food bank

So mostly just doing stuff that is good for my soul. Finding the balance between “be here” and “go do”.
With hopefully some fun blog posts as well! 

Here’s to the next few days and the peace it will bring..


My soulmate & people.

Today Erica tweeted about something hilarious. I smiled and laughed at the memory and then decided it was a story worthy of the blog. (And there will be random photos from our trip thrown in).

{The real, Juliana heart-spiel is at the bottom.}

Almost exactly a year ago, I dragged my little sister (Erica) on a road trip to Colorado Springs. It was my first time venturing off on my own, with no parents, and no family waiting for us on the other end. We took my car and we broke the trip there into two segments: we drove to Lubbock, stayed the night, and then drove all the way to Colorado.

Along the way I have memories of Erica’s severe road rage (seriously, she’s scary), miles and miles of windmills (which I oddly hated), making spinach hummus wraps in the middle of no where New Mexico, drinking a terrible excuse for iced coffee, and cringing at old Youtube videos of me singing that Erica decided to remind me of.


One of the first orders of business when we arrived in Colorado Springs was to find me some awesome local coffee shop. I mean, come on, this is me we’re talking about.

We eventually decided on a place called Kangaroo Coffee that was about a mile or two from our hotel. On the way there, I constantly told Erica that I had a weird craving for an iced dirty chai latte, which is not something I would normally choose for myself (black iced coffee or go home), but it sounded excellent.

We pulled up to this tiny building that had either a walk up window or wrap around drive thru. Erica waited in the car and I walked up to the window to come face to face with the most handsome barista I have ever seen in my life. I’m talking Joseph Gordon-Levitt with blonde hair and a scrappy Colorado outdoorsy vibe. Holy moley.


Before I could even open my mouth, this guy looked me straight in the eyes and said “You look like you could use an iced chai with a few shots!”


Mind reader or special connection? You decide. 😉


We then proceeded to talk about why I was visiting Colorado and what I should do with my time there.

When he handed me my drink, he also gave me a 10 visit stamp card and stamped 8 of the boxes while claiming that it was “Triple Stamp Tuesday” and said he hoped to see me again soon.

“What a friendly dude!” I thought to myself.

As I told Erica the story once I was back in the car, she immediately decided that Barista Man and myself were OBVIOUSLY soulmates. And I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with this at first sight?


I kid, I kid.

We actually ended up going back the next day and I talked to him again while I was there, but that was it.

Erica was extremely disappointed that I didn’t sporadically act on this clearly Disney worthy-once in a lifetime-long lost soulmate connection.

All because he happened to guess my drink.


It’s funny how clearly the memory of that dude has stayed in my brain. That road trip as whole was pretty awesome, except for when Erica almost made us run out of gas in the middle of no where. 110% her fault. Don’t ever let her try to convince you otherwise.


We meet people throughout our lives and they leave an oddly lasting impact. I honestly believe that everyone we meet and encounter and interact with walks into our lives for a reason. Sometimes we meet people that challenge us and make us grow as people (they are my favorite). Sometimes we meet people that just make us happy. Sometimes we meet people who, in the end, are not meant to stay. And all of those things are okay. Because each person we meet has a profound effect on us in one way or another. Kangaroo Coffee guy was incredibly kind to me and made me feel very welcome in CO. Or maybe he was my soulmate. We will never know. But what I do know is that we should take the time to cherish who we have in our lives. Maybe we can take a moment to reflect on our friends and our family and think about all they have done for us by simply being who they are. I know that in my life I have met people that have made me think deeply and work to be a better person. I also know that I have encountered people that have given me the opportunity to open my heart and share it.

I don’t like shallow. When I meet people, I immediately want to get real and deep with them. Cut the “what’s your major” crap. And the “any exciting summer plans?” garbage. I want to know what makes you tick. Tell me: what wakes you up in the morning? what makes you smile when no one else is around? Let’s talk about life and goals and dreams and who we are as people and who we can be.

Let’s be constructive to each other. Let’s help each other build and grow and become.

I hope, so deeply that you have someone in your life that you can just be honest and real with. Someone that will listen to you at your lowest points and love you anyway. Someone that will cry tears of joy with you when you feel like your cup runneth over. Someone that enjoys you as you. Someone that asks you hard questions and makes you really think. Someone that doesn’t care what you’re wearing or how you look, but only what you’re feeling and thinking.

I want that for you.

So so badly. And I hope you meet your own Kangaroo Coffee man. A random, attractive barista that makes you think deeply a year later on a Saturday night.

See? Everyone has meaning in our lives.


Life is good.



on moving.

I was thinking about the title of my blog this morning.


When I started this blog, the title was extremely literal. I was actually moving to college, to Austin, from my hometown and my old life and I was excited and thrilled and incredibly nervous. In August 2013, I was leaving a lot of things behind: people, hobbies, places. I was moving away.

On occasion I would think about changing the name because I felt as though it didn’t really make sense anymore. After all, I’ve been in Austin for a while and I probably will be here for sometime more…

However, this morning, I realized how incredibly fitting the title still is!




But out of all the definitions I found, one really caught my eye:

“the progressive development of a poem or story.”

Because isn’t that exactly what this is?

I may be moving physically or to different locations, but most importantly I am moving through life.

And it is not without its hurdles.

I’ve got stories to tell.


I’ve learned some important lessons in my short 19 years thus far.

Who knows what will come next?

But I will never stop moving. I’ll forever let energy vibrate through me.

Go go go, my friends. Seek out what you’ve always feared.

Move move move.

2014: To be fearless.

2014 is almost over. It’s unbelievable. It feels like just yesterday I was planning out my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions… So silly!

See last year I had one resolution. To be fearless. My goal was to do one thing every single day that was out of my comfort zone. To do one thing that scared me. Unfortunately, like many New Year’s resolutions, my exact idea was short lasted.

Luckily for me, it bloomed into much more than I could’ve ever hoped for.

2014 taught me many things. But ultimately, this year I learned what it means to be fearless. Contrary to what the word itself suggests, it does not mean having no fears at all.

No no no, what it means is to not let those fears into every nook and crevice of who you are.

I think that fear is healthy. And pretty dang incredible. It taps into one of our most primal instincts: fight or flight.

This year I learned how to look my fears, my demons in the face. And laugh.


I did things I would’ve never thought possible for me. I met incredible people. I laughed. I cried. I smiled. I woke up every single day with a fire in my heart. On some days it wasn’t quite so bright. But I learned how to feed it.

I traveled. I adventured. I sought out adrenaline rushes. I crossed borders. I discovered my physical limits and pushed past them. I made incredible friends. I discovered who I am, who I want to be.


I learned how to be unafraid. I learned how to live.


I wanted to round up as many pictures as I possibly could for a visual depiction of my years, but I found it was hard to do so for two reasons:

1. I didn’t take many pictures. I embraced moments instead of capturing them.

2. Honestly, there are no pictures or words to describe this crazy, beautiful year of my life.

Nonetheless, I have some!


And my personal favorite…


It’s been the best year of my life. I can say that with no hesitation.

I guess as 2015 approaches, there’s one thing I want everyone (myself included) to remember…

The ticking of a clock. The flipping of a calendar page. A number changing from 4 to 5… None of that changes who you are. It doesn’t grant you another opportunity to start afresh.

And that’s because it’s all up to YOU. Who do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to keep being afraid of the life you’re leading?

You get to choose. You get to choose happiness. To choose a different path. To choose who you do or do not want in your life.

It’s yours. Get after it. No hesitation. No fear. Just choose.

As you count down the clock on the 31st, I hope you know that it won’t make anything different.

You have to make things different. How? You just do. It happens the moment you just decide.

Live openly. Live freely. Live fearlessly.



P.S. When I was getting ready to fly to Portland, I was scared. Flying kind of terrified me. However, I decided to tell myself that I was not afraid. Over and over and over I repeated it in my head until I actually believed it. After that, it was truth. I wrote a poem on the plane and I always felt as thought it would be better spoken aloud, but I’m going to write it here anyway, because it helped me actually crush a very legitimate fear of mine. ABSOLUTELY CRUSH IT.

Haha, this is the whole journal entry:

“Bear Cub” 12.15.14 @ 7:33 p.m.. Somewhere over TX.

I like fear.

I like it because I think the only thing we’re actually afraid of is who we become when we are afraid. when we’re fearful. when we’re scared.

We turn into these people that we don’t want to be: pitiful, hesitant, stressed.

We let our fear consume us.

We let it eat us whole.

It doesn’t even need to chew.

One second we’re alive and well and the next?

The next second you’re in the belly of the beast.

No survivors.

Our fears are a seemingly incurable disease – destined to attach to a host and suck the life out of it.

We are those hosts.

Sometimes we think we’re safe.

We think we’ve worn repellent.

We think we’ve washed our hands.

But the fear is like a tsunami. A tidal wave. A riptide.

Your pool floaties won’t save you.

How discouraging. What a lost cause.

Not exactly.

You see, we all have the ability to squash our fears like bugs.

You know they say that if you’re ever being attacked by a shark – poke it in the eye.

Big bad Jaws will get his feelings heart and




When a grizzly bear is preparing to attack you, you’re supposed to go into the fetal position.

You’ll seem weak.

Like a baby. A cub.

The big, scary bear should




Because in that moment, you are not you.

You are telling yourself over and over:

“I am a bear.”

“I am a bear.”

“I am a bear.”

“I am a bear.”

When the fear us about to swallow you alive:

You are a bear.

You are a bear.

You are a bear.

I am a bear.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid.

You tell yourself that over and over and over and once you believe it – fear sure as hell will too.

You are a bear.

I am a bear.

I am not afraid.

I like fear.




Because I am NOT afraid.

Day 1

Good morning!

Yesterday was pretty fun. I walked almost 11 miles. Hahaha!

Yesterday I woke up at 7ish and went to the main guest house for breakfast. A bakery down the street supplies the hostel lots of bread every morning and the coffee shop across the street supplies reaaaaally good coffee.

Afterwards, I got ready to face the cold and headed out to Stump Town Coffee. I got an almond milk cappuccino and it was nice!


As I was drinking it I decided to head to Forest Park next. I figured out what bus to take and sort of just hopped on. Luckily, the bus driver was super nice and she helped me out a bit.

Once I got off I had to walk up some huge hills to get to the trails but it was worth it.






I decided against walking all the way back so I requested my very first Uber. It was convenient and cheap, but Uber is pretty evil sooooo…

I ended up taking a nap at the hostel because I was tired and cold. When I woke up, I headed to the coffee shop across the street for a pick me up. The coffee really is so good. And they had vegan pastries! This one is a banana chocolate chip muffin. I’m pretty sure Portland is more vegan friendly than ATX.


Afterwards, I called yet another Uber to take me to the Historic Mississippi District. There were LOTS of funky shops and I went in and out of almost all of them. I decided against getting another ride home so I walked back to the hostel. It took a while! I got to cross the Mississippi River by foot which was pretty neat.

I think that I like the Pearl District the best… It reminds me a lot of S. Congress!

After I got home I walked some more to Trader Joe’s to buy stuff for dinner! The hostel has huge fridges and kitchens so that you can actually make things! I ended up eating veggie patties, vegetables, and pita chips with an obscene amount of hummus.

It gets dark at 4:30ish here so I kind of holed up inside because I was cold and tired and I had gotten a really early start! I got a lot of sleep though and I feel really good now!

I’m thinking I may run to Washington today!



Well hey.

I’ve been crazy busy lately. Yesterday was the last day of classes for the semester and now it’s time for finals. Lucky for me, I only have one on Thursday. Unfortunately, it’s OChem. Soooo the next couple of days of my life will be dedicated to filling my brain to the brim with reaction mechanisms.

This past week I had three exams: nutrition lab final (I got a 92!), sociology exam #4 (grades aren’t up), and NTR 312 exam #3 (I got an 84). I was studying so much that I barely even ran this week. Yeah, it was crazy.

I am exhausted. I’m taking today off from studying completely so that I can go watch one of my favorite homegirls KILL IT at her half marathon today! Then I work a midshift tomorrow, followed by a 10 miler, and the the studying extravaganza begins. Good vibes and coffee are always welcome. 😉

The apartment is decorated for Christmas! We have a small, but real, Christmas tree and tinsel and stockings and lights and a bowl of mini candy canes. Oh, and on Wednesday I took a picture with Santa on campus. It was hilarious, but that may have been because I was exhausted and stressed to the max.


I leave for Portland in 9 days and I am so so pumped. The only thing I really have planned is that I’m going to rent a bike to get around the city! I may or may not go bungee jumping off a bridge while I’m there. 🙂

Geez I cannot believe this semester is over! Last fall was pretty rough and unpleasant for me, so it felt like it lasted forever, but this year it flew by! I loved my classes and I’m really going to miss my assistant position. Nonetheless, I went through the semester with no regrets and I cannot wait to see what the spring brings!

Not to mention, this 5 week winter break will be niiiiiice. I have a week off in January for an adventure, but I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. Ideas? I’m thinking maybe a Louisiana trip because it’s one of the closest states. Or maybe New Mexico? Or even the Grand Canyon in Arizona! Where should I go?! East or West?!

Anyway, sorry this post has been all over the place. Life has been a bit hectic lately, but it’s been good!

Also, in regards to everything that has been happening in America lately… I’m sure that if you know me well you know I have my own stance on everything. But when it boils down to it, a human life is a human life. And in my opinion, all lives should be valued equally. NO life should ever be lost due to brutality or negligence. I’ll leave you with this to think about:


Coffee Date!

Hi 🙂 happy Wednesday!

Let’s pretend we are having a coffee (or tea or HOT CHOCOLATE) date! We need to catch up.

So, if I was sipping an almond milk latte (with an extra shot):

I’d tell you: The temperature has significantly cooled down here in Austin and the wind has picked up in strength. Ultimately, the weather is beautiful and it feels like fall!


I’d tell you: I have an organic chemistry test tomorrow that I haven’t studied yet for, so I’ll be up late tonight working on that. Nonetheless, I don’t feel too stressed. Life is good. Really really good.

I’d tell you: Today I had running class in the freezing cold, but I felt strong and happy the whole time. (We did 800 sprints… In case you were wondering!) Afterwards, I put on a funky, colorful sweater that I got last year, my favorite pair of jeans, and some riding boots. Then my roommate braided my hair in a fancy way, so I felt like a princess!



I’d tell you: Also, I was recently inspired by the beautiful, wise, talented, and overall amazing Marissa Stutz to try to disconnect from the amount of time I spend on my phone. Last night I turned off push notifications for all my social media apps and it’s been pretty peaceful. It’s only been a few hours, but I’ve already started to forget about checking all my various accounts. Try it!

I’d tell you: Another random tidbit: Yesterday my roommate and I made a winter vegetable soup in the crockpot and it was so fun to come home to after a long cold day! We don’t have many spices, so it wasn’t as flavorful as can be, but that was easily remedied by eating it with toast slathered with Earth Balance “butter”!



The soup had white potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, red bell pepper, kale, delicata squash, cauliflower, and vegetable broth! I had considered throwing some tofu in there, but in all honesty, I was too lazy to cut up the block. 😉

I’d tell you: My dad is coming to Austin this weekend! We’re going to adventure around and enjoy the weather. (Fathertron, if you’re reading this, make sure to bring warm clothes so that we can play outside.)

I’d tell you: The semester is nearly over! Whaaaaaaat! After this week, we have 2 weeks and 3 days of class left… I’m so looking forward to winter break (helllooooo PORTLAND) but I’m going to miss this semester! I love my classes and my undergraduate assistant position.

I’d tell you: I sent in my resume for an internship, but I’m going to keep what it actually is on the hush for now. Let me just say, it would be AMAZING.

I’d tell you: Marathon training is going swimmingly! Saturday morning is a 13 miler, so cross your fingers I don’t turn into a Popsicle!

I’d tell you: I feel alive with passion as of late. I can’t keep a smile off my face either. It’s the best.

I’d tell you: I really really want to get Malala Yousafzai’s book to read on my way to Portland.

I’d tell you: I’m glad you have spent the time to sit down with me 🙂 and then I’d invite you over to see my apartment because it’s already decorated for Christmas.

If you were sipping your favorite warm beverage, what would you tell me?


Oh Texas


TOMORROW IS RACE DAY. And guess what? It’s supposed to be real freaking cold.

I love Texas, but it’s pretty bipolar.

I trained in temps ranging from 80-100 degrees, but all it takes is one little cold snap for racing conditions to look like this:


Thank goodness for wetsuits. And today I’m going to buy a jacket (and possibly pants) for the ride.

This should be fun! 😉