2014: To be fearless.

2014 is almost over. It’s unbelievable. It feels like just yesterday I was planning out my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions… So silly!

See last year I had one resolution. To be fearless. My goal was to do one thing every single day that was out of my comfort zone. To do one thing that scared me. Unfortunately, like many New Year’s resolutions, my exact idea was short lasted.

Luckily for me, it bloomed into much more than I could’ve ever hoped for.

2014 taught me many things. But ultimately, this year I learned what it means to be fearless. Contrary to what the word itself suggests, it does not mean having no fears at all.

No no no, what it means is to not let those fears into every nook and crevice of who you are.

I think that fear is healthy. And pretty dang incredible. It taps into one of our most primal instincts: fight or flight.

This year I learned how to look my fears, my demons in the face. And laugh.


I did things I would’ve never thought possible for me. I met incredible people. I laughed. I cried. I smiled. I woke up every single day with a fire in my heart. On some days it wasn’t quite so bright. But I learned how to feed it.

I traveled. I adventured. I sought out adrenaline rushes. I crossed borders. I discovered my physical limits and pushed past them. I made incredible friends. I discovered who I am, who I want to be.


I learned how to be unafraid. I learned how to live.


I wanted to round up as many pictures as I possibly could for a visual depiction of my years, but I found it was hard to do so for two reasons:

1. I didn’t take many pictures. I embraced moments instead of capturing them.

2. Honestly, there are no pictures or words to describe this crazy, beautiful year of my life.

Nonetheless, I have some!


And my personal favorite…


It’s been the best year of my life. I can say that with no hesitation.

I guess as 2015 approaches, there’s one thing I want everyone (myself included) to remember…

The ticking of a clock. The flipping of a calendar page. A number changing from 4 to 5… None of that changes who you are. It doesn’t grant you another opportunity to start afresh.

And that’s because it’s all up to YOU. Who do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to keep being afraid of the life you’re leading?

You get to choose. You get to choose happiness. To choose a different path. To choose who you do or do not want in your life.

It’s yours. Get after it. No hesitation. No fear. Just choose.

As you count down the clock on the 31st, I hope you know that it won’t make anything different.

You have to make things different. How? You just do. It happens the moment you just decide.

Live openly. Live freely. Live fearlessly.



P.S. When I was getting ready to fly to Portland, I was scared. Flying kind of terrified me. However, I decided to tell myself that I was not afraid. Over and over and over I repeated it in my head until I actually believed it. After that, it was truth. I wrote a poem on the plane and I always felt as thought it would be better spoken aloud, but I’m going to write it here anyway, because it helped me actually crush a very legitimate fear of mine. ABSOLUTELY CRUSH IT.

Haha, this is the whole journal entry:

“Bear Cub” 12.15.14 @ 7:33 p.m.. Somewhere over TX.

I like fear.

I like it because I think the only thing we’re actually afraid of is who we become when we are afraid. when we’re fearful. when we’re scared.

We turn into these people that we don’t want to be: pitiful, hesitant, stressed.

We let our fear consume us.

We let it eat us whole.

It doesn’t even need to chew.

One second we’re alive and well and the next?

The next second you’re in the belly of the beast.

No survivors.

Our fears are a seemingly incurable disease – destined to attach to a host and suck the life out of it.

We are those hosts.

Sometimes we think we’re safe.

We think we’ve worn repellent.

We think we’ve washed our hands.

But the fear is like a tsunami. A tidal wave. A riptide.

Your pool floaties won’t save you.

How discouraging. What a lost cause.

Not exactly.

You see, we all have the ability to squash our fears like bugs.

You know they say that if you’re ever being attacked by a shark – poke it in the eye.

Big bad Jaws will get his feelings heart and




When a grizzly bear is preparing to attack you, you’re supposed to go into the fetal position.

You’ll seem weak.

Like a baby. A cub.

The big, scary bear should




Because in that moment, you are not you.

You are telling yourself over and over:

“I am a bear.”

“I am a bear.”

“I am a bear.”

“I am a bear.”

When the fear us about to swallow you alive:

You are a bear.

You are a bear.

You are a bear.

I am a bear.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid.

You tell yourself that over and over and over and once you believe it – fear sure as hell will too.

You are a bear.

I am a bear.

I am not afraid.

I like fear.




Because I am NOT afraid.

I’ve Been

Hello hello!

Happy Easter and/or Happy Sunday! 🙂

How have you been?

I’ve been up to a lot…

So I am going to keep this short, because I am currently sitting in Starbucks and I’ve got stuff I really need to be doing.

Let’s see, I have…

gone camping for Easteweekend

taken tests and tests

run my longest long run yet (18 miles!!)

visited home

eaten clean…

and indulged of course 😉

smiled and laughed a ton

learned how to stay up late

and learned how to nap

I have not learned how to sleep in yet though!

I’ve worked my booty off

made birthday plans! (BUNGEE JUMPING!)

And I’ve been living!


My week is pretty busy, so I can’t guarantee many posts, but hopefully I’ll be able to pop in a bit!

How has your life been?




Serious, thoughtful Juliana


Typical Juliana


Up & At ‘Em!

Good morning!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a bit hectic and I was exhausted!

It is currently 7:32 a.m. and I’ve already been up for an hour and had my breakfast. If you can’t tell, I am definitely a morning person! If that doesn’t convince you, then listen to what crazy things I did last night:

Fell asleep at 10 pm.

WOOOHOOOO, my first night as a college kid living on my own and I fell asleep at 10. But, hey, I’m not complaining, I enjoy my mornings! :] After all, look at my view: the sun is streaming in, a wonderful bowl of oatmeal {yes, I am obsessed}, and a strong cup of coffee. I am ready to tackle today! 


On the agenda for today is:

  • Strength train & stretch
  • Find a Woodforest
  • Patiently wait for the gas company to activate our gas
  • {Hopefully} take the bike route to school
  • And go to the Engineering Honors meet-up tonight

I’m trying to plan out my day so that I don’t feel like a lost puppy. I like having responsibilities, but I prefer them to be organized. 

On a complete tangent, if you are not a fan of oatmeal, I am here to tell you that you are wrong ❤ If you don’t like the texture, then I completely understand. I’m a texture person too. But, if you just don’t like how it tastes then try this combo: oats, almond butter {or PB}, banana, honey, cinnamon. OH MAN. Your life will be changed. Mine was. Now I’m just waiting a bit for my oatmeal to digest so that I can use it as fuel for my workout. 

I’m done rambling, sooooo have a VERY merry Monday {and the rest of the week!} :]