A Running Diary

You know what’s funny? When I first started this blog I wrote about my running a lot. It wasn’t intentional and this wasn’t a running blog, but I did so much of it and it was such an escape to me that I ended up thinking and writing about it a lot. Over the years my running fluctuated (due to injury and life) and I stopped coming to this space as consistently.

However, I was thinking recently about the role of running in my life nowadays and how I wish to document the adventures it takes me on. I share plenty to Instagram and save it as a highlight so I can go back and relive some of those moments, but I think I’d like to come here too.

Ringing the Cow Bone bell when I finished my race!

I have an Excel sheet that I have been using as my training plan. When I finished the Cow Bone 12 Hour, I created a new tab in the Excel to start planning for whatever might come next! I have a few bucket list running items that I’d like to accomplish in the next two years or so, but I am flexible. If I’ve learned anything about running in the last 8 years, it’s that I can absolutely not force it.

That being said, here are some of the projects I’d love to tackle roughly in chronological order:

Virginia Triple Crown Loop – Late 2021 (dependent on weather)

The Triple Crown is what I am currently trying to train for and the training I am hoping you’ll read a lot about here. This go around I want to focus a lot on uphill and downhill running and hiking since the vert is not shabby.

Bull Run-Occoquan Trail – Late Summer or Early Fall 2021

Honestly, this trail could very well just be a training run for the Triple Crown! It’s ~18 miles and it’s a point to point, so the shuttling logistics are the only reason we haven’t done this one yet. It’s also pretty close to us and relatively flat (considering the distance).

Overnight Runs – Fall(ish) 2021

This isn’t a specific trail, but Patrick has an overnight 13 hour race the first weekend on November and I’d eventually like to take on races that require night running so I want to get some nighttime training in! We’ll need to invest in better headlamps when we decide to tackle this and you’ll have to wish me luck because I tend to be pretty clumsy on trails in broad daylight. I also don’t want to get eaten by a bear… And bear spray is sort of big to carry on a run…

100 Mile Training Week – December 2021

Patrick had mentioned this to me once before but I was so in the thick of Cow Bone training that I didn’t consider it for long. Then I watched the Ginger Runner video that had inspired Patrick and it inspired me! Do yourself a favor and go watch all his videos. If you’ve never run before or if you have a wishy washy relationship with running, I think you’ll leave feeling extremely inspired.

Ethan does it in December and I think that is a great idea. I love the idea of taking a week off of work around Christmas and attempting this. I especially love the idea of getting the run done and then coming into a cozy house to eat lots of warm food and hang out.

Rim to Rim to Rim – Late Spring/Summer 2022

This is the big one! The route linked is not the exact one I’d do because I want to include the Bright Angel Trail. This is how I want to celebrate finishing grad school! I get so excited thinking about R2R2R. I would absolutely not rush it, for the record. If my training isn’t quite where it needs to be then I would not attempt it (because: dangerous). So here’s to hoping!

If you’d like to join… 😉

Lastly, this one only partially counts because it’s cycling and not running, I want to do a bikecamping trip on the Greenbrier River Trail in WV! It’s just far enough away that we haven’t seriously planned anything (plus I need to do more bike riding) but it looks beautiful!

Oh, I am also planning on doing an endurance ride on the towpath sometime during the 4th of July weekend. Basically I am just going to ride as long as I can and then make Patrick come pick me up. Should be fun!

All that being said, I’d like to come here more often to report back on how my training for these projects is going! I know I say “oh I’ll be back” pretty often on here, but I really want to give it a go this time. Time will tell.

Do you have any fun projects going on in your life?! Running or not?



thoughts for the week

Good morning and happy Monday! I don’t know why, but I felt inspired to show up here today. I had a wonderful, running-filled, outdoorsy weekend and now I am feeling tired but very happy. It took a while for me to get out of bed (I was just so comfy), but a couple of cups of coffee and some oatmeal did the trick.

Yesterday Patrick and I did our run in the afternoon as opposed to our normal early-ish morning start. It was cold and snowy and rainy and the forecast showed some potential for sunshine in the afternoon, so we decided to wait it out. We headed to C&O Canal Towpath and enjoyed some mileage through some slush and snow, but mostly on soft dirt surface. We talked as we ran but sometimes pushed along in companionable silence. Eventually we decided to split the AirPods and listened to a pleasant playlist! Earlier in the run we had had a conversation about adventures and goals and the things we want to do with our bodies and lives. We have some fun things lined up for the next few months which we are pumped about.

Even on the drive to the canal I had been telling Patrick that time has really slowed down. In my previous job I anxiously hoped for 4:30pm, for Friday, for the end of a pay period because it meant I had survived. Before that, I had awaited Patrick’s graduation, our wedding, our big move, a new job. There was always something to be desperately waiting for! Now, Patrick and I discussed, there’s no big, life-changing event on the horizon. And I’m in a job that I enjoy and doesn’t make me pull my hair out (literally). It feels really really good.

It means that the things we look forward to are things we get to create. We select our adventures, our challenges, our hopes and wishes. All in all it may come down to feeling some control again, but it’s also an appreciation of what we have right now. So as we were running, I found myself thinking on this. We’ve had discussions about how life could potentially feel boring if we didn’t have adventures and if we just worked all day and then did nothing but sit around. Honestly, it’s easy to fall into that. School has been keeping me busy too, so sometimes I log off of work and immediately start taking care of school work.

As I ran I thought of what it would be like to maximize every single day instead of looking forward to the weekend. Easier said than done and I know many people have had the identical thought. I wondered what it would be like if I found or created an adventure, however big or small, every day. It would be something to put some thought into, but wouldn’t necessarily require a ton of effort. Today we are going on a lunch break walk in the sunshine. It felt like a good start.

So that’s what I’m going for this week! I’ll also be drinking plenty of water (I track 160 oz a day, in fact), enjoying a light week of schoolwork, and planning our XC ski trip this Saturday!

What’s your week looking like? And what little adventure will you have today?

Much love,


Newest Addition

Hello everyone! I’d like you to welcome the newest addition to the family…

Those beautiful New Balances on the far right!

Saucony Echelon 2: August 2010 – 300 miles

Asics Gel Cumulus 15: December 2013 – 400 miles

Asics Gel Cumulus 16: July 2014 – 500 miles

New Balance Fresh Foam 980: March 2015 – 3.33 miles 😉

That’s right! I finally have new running shoes! And after almost three full weeks of zero running, today I ran ~5K in them! 🙂 No pain! It was cold but sunny and I was smiling and dancing to my music and so completely overjoyed!

(I like to do handstands when I’m really happy.)

Also, ya dig the nerdy capris and socks combo? 😉

When I told my dad about my new shoes, I said I was going to run on the trails with them  ASAP and he said, “You’re going to get them dirty on the first day?”


Happy Thursday, friends! Life is so good!



Marathon Wednesday

Good morning!

I’m sitting in good ole Greg last minute studying for my exam at 9. Honestly, it should be insanely easy, but it’s the first test so YOU NEVER KNOW!

Wednesdays are my longest day of the week, but I’m ready.

Guys, MY MARATHON IS THIS SUNDAY! My IT band seems to be doing just fine and I’m finally running again tonight! Holllllaaaaaaaa.

I’ve been getting lots of sleep and eating lots of food and my energy levels are through the roof, so I’m expecting a really good time!

Alright alright, I really ought to finish reading through my notes again, but…


P.S. Here’s something that made me laugh pretty hard:


products that rock!


So I’m on my way to school at the moment and I decided to write this!

First off, I’m not really a materialistic person. I don’t like to spend big money unless it’s for adventures (plane tickets, bungee jumping, etc) or tri stuff (running shoes, bike, tri suit).

However, I’ve been reading a few blogs where they write about their “favorites” so I decided to somewhat do the same!

So these are some things that I really enjoy and/or really work for me!

My Thermos. Okay, I seriously love this thing and bring it with me everywhere (school, car, office)! It is an awesome midnight blue color and it legitimately keeps my coffee hot which is much appreciated. Not to mention, it works even better for cold drinks which is really cool too!

These Reebok leggings. Fun fact: I’m wearing them right now. They’re kinda sorta compression leggings but they’re so comfortable and make my aching muscles feel great! When I do long runs in them muscle fatigue is so minimal!

Butt’r. Hahaha I don’t actually use it for that unless I’m going to do a long ride. Guys, honesty is the best policy. 😉 I do use it for running though! Sometimes my legs and arms chafe on runs! Friends and family reading this: it may seem weird but it’s the truth!

Viva La Juicy. I’m pretty sure I’ve asked for this for Christmas for the last 4 years! I LOVE the way it smells. So fruity but not sickly sweet. My favorite perfume I’ve used by far!


These Burt’s Bees facial stuff. This stuff legitimately works for me. It’s the first time I’ve used face wash/moisturizer that actually works and doesn’t dry my face out! I wash and moisturize my face twice a day and I’ve noticed a difference in not only the clearing up of my face but also the overall complexion! Wooooo!

Okay, that’s it! Sorry if any of the pictures are terrible quality. I took them all with my phone and have not yet mastered how to make the iPhone take the best pictures it can. Also, what is good lighting? 😉

Any products you love?


Greenbelt Adventure Run

Holy guacamole guys. I just had so much fun! Yesterday I headed to the Greenbelt here in ATX for a trail run, but I was getting eaten up by mosquitoes so I called it quits after only 1.8 miles. So today I headed there again covered head to toe in sunscreen and bug spray (welcome to TX)!

I ended up getting pretty lost, running into some obstacles, stumbling onto some homeless camps, seeing some beautiful stuff, and STILL getting attacked by mosquitoes…

Nonetheless, it was awesome and I swear I will know the trails like the back of my hand by the time I graduate UT.

Rather than try to ramble on what I can remember, I’m just going to throw a bunch of pictures at you and comment on them!

photo 5 (2)

The Greenbelt! The way you access it is important because it’s different everywhere you go!

 photo 4

 photo 3

Awesome rock painting!

photo 1 (2)

Rock face.

photo 1

Lost selfie. I had just climbed up that “path”… And by climbed, I really do mean climbed! It was way steep.

photo 2 (2)

Not 100% sure what this was, but I think this is what I free climbed for a bit.

photo 2

THIS BRIDGE. Oh my word. Okay, I was seriously lost on what I thought were trails  – word of advice: Just because it looks like trail DOES NOT MEAN IT IS ONE. 😉 I crossed it once, ran for about a half a mile until I dead ended at a homeless camp. I filmed it the second time I crossed it but the video is blurry because it was on my phone. The smart thing to do would have been to climb down into the ravine and then climb back up the other side (it was about 4-5 ft down) but instead I did what any reckless adventurer would do and decided to cross the dang bridge. It rocked.

photo 3 (2)

Some flowing water yo.

photo 4 (2)

I LOVE seeing these things! They crack me up.

It was an awesome time! If you’re ever in Austin and want a Greenbelt adventure buddy then just hit me up! We can run or hike or whatever! 🙂



Endorphin High!

Yo wazzup! Remember that time I was freaking out about my running? 😉 Well, I mentioned that I should pay more attention to my mile splits and blah blah blah.

Today I went on a run and did exactly the opposite. I didn’t track it whatsoever. I just listened to the music on my phone. Not even my running playlist! It was so amazing.

Seriously it reminded me why I love running so much ❤

The weather was perfect and my legs felt so fresh! I got pretty hungry about halfway through but I managed.

Also, I live in Austin and I was passing by ACL while Iggy Azalea was performing and it was SO AWESOME. It put a huge smile on my face!

I ended up running 10.5 miles when I thought that I had maybe done 9!

Then I ate this dinner again while typing this! 🙂

It’s been a ridiculously good day.

Thank you carbs, legs, and running shoes. ❤

photo (1)



Running Woes


I’m getting confused.

My running has been all over the place lately.

During running class I can crank out 8:15 min/miles. I ran with my dad last weekend and I felt chatty , using little effort, and completely nonwinded during a 5K at 9:40 min/miles. And yet, when I go out to run by myself I’m hitting the 10:30 range.


I’m not too worried because I know I have it in me to run further and faster, but I’m just struggling to reach it.

(Maybe I should invest in a fancy schamncy Garmin to stay more aware of my mile splits?)

This week I had two back to back rest days (purely from busyness) and last night’s run was still an effort.

I know that the temperature plays a huge role in my pace, so I can’t wait until it cools down.

Also, I’m really excited for the Oilman coming up (SO SOON) but I can’t wait to start marathon training afterwards. Running is my love. And my training plan has me running 5 times a week with 2 rest days.

Sunday morning I am going to aim for an 8-9 mile run considering I have been majorly slacking on my long runs. Honestly, I think I am in desperate need for a running buddy.

Any volunteers? 😉



Top of the Morning

Good morning good morning! Happy Hump Day! 🙂


This morning I woke up soreeeee. I swam 2500 yards yesterday (my longest swim thus far!!) and ran 4 miles. It’s a good sore this time though, thank goodness! In between the swim and the run, I laid down for a 25 minute nap with a timer set and slept for two hours. WHAT. I still managed to fall asleep last night though, so I guess my body needed it!

Nonetheless, when I woke up at 6 to the light streaming through my window, I rolled over and kept sleeping until 7.

At 7, I attempted to read the Daily Skimm before I got out of bed but I fell asleep with my phone in my hand!

Finally, at 8 I rolled out of bed hungry and headed to the kitchen.

Breakfast was:
Black coffee in my awesome pug mug
Eggs and spinach cooked in coconut oil
Plain toast with ridiculously perfect strawberries

On the agenda for today is grocery shopping, cleaning, a 30 minute run, a 60 minute ride, baking pumpkin muffins, laundry, and chilling.

The weather here is on the dreary side today and rain is in the forecast. It makes me want to light my candles and listen to Ingrid Michaelson alllll dayyyyy.

Speaking of which, yesterday when I headed out on my run I knew I needed to take it easy because my quads were still overly sore. So instead of my normal pump up music, I listened to my Ingrid Michaelson Pandora station and it was so perfect. It’s so relaxing and it’s fun to listen to new music. Not to mention, she rocks.

Haha, I just looked up from writing this and it is pouring.

The other day I made some vegan stir fry and I’ll probably share my “recipe” soon! I say “recipe” because it didn’t require anything crazy. I personally like to cook things that can be thrown together in a jiffy. Seriously, just thrown!

Alright, have an awesome Wednesday!



Back At It

Good morning and happy happy Sunday! 🙂

Even with only 5 hours of sleep, I was awake by 7! Yeah, you could say I’m a morning person…

I headed straight to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and breakfast.
Breakfast: oatmeal with almond coconut milk (holy moley people) and PB, banana, blueberries, cinnamon, and flax seed! So good in my mouth. So good for my body.

I am currently suffering from very very very sore quads… I was planning on a 90 minute ride today, but I think I’ll be swapping it for a swim.

Yesterday I strength trained for the first time in a loooong time. It was short, but the weights were heavy for me.

Ohhhhh silly gym selfies. #judgeme

Then last night, I ran a painful 5 miles. It was humid and hot and my legs felt like lead but I still persevered.

My quads were immediately so so sore. I taped them up before I went to bed to hopefully alleviate some pain. Ehhhh I’m not sure how effective it was.


Nonetheless, after traveling for a week with very minimal workouts, it feels soooo good to get back at it. And I already feel so much better after just a day of clean eats!

Don’t get me wrong, I love La Quinta, but would it kill them to have some sort of complex carb in their breakfast spread?! Sheesh. 😉

I’m off to Trader Joe’s soon for some coconut oil! I loooove the stuff for sauteeing and roasting. However, I really want to try oil pulling!

Have you ever tried oil pulling? What’s it like?!

Happy Sunday Funday, friends!