on tri and strength.

This weekend I completed an Olympic distance time trial with the rest of the Texas Tri team to prepare us for Nationals in April. During the race, one of my favorite things began to happen…

Everyone started working to lift each other’s spirits up.

1500 meter open water swim, 25 mile hilly (SO HILLY) ride, and a 10k run under the warm sun can start to wear a person out.

But in transition, on the bike, and especially on the run, the triathletes begin to become so supportive of each other. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is so awesome on a daily basis, but there’s just something about the camaraderie of a race that really makes people shine.

If you come out to a triathlon, I’m willing to bet that you’ll start hearing the triathleteres tell each other things like:

“You’re doing great!” or “You’ve got this.” and “You’re almost there!”

But I’ve got to say, one of my personal favorites is:

“You’re looking strong!”

How beautiful.

Isn’t that what we all want? To be strong inside and out?

I wish that we could all convey this motivation to each other on a daily basis. Hey, you’re strong today.

Life can be hard. School, work, personal life can all get really rough. We can feel tired and dreary and ready for an escape. Sometimes we feel like Atlas and we dare not to shrug.

During a race, it can make a world of a difference to be cheered for, smiled at, and just ultimately supported. No matter how fast or slow you are going.

In triathlon, we cheer for each other because we know the struggle. Getting off a bike and starting to run is not the most pleasant feeling, so we cheer for others because we relate! We work to ease each other’s discomfort.

The spectators cheer out of pride and excitement and support.

But in life, we are both the spectators and the participants.

We have the capacity for hurt, but also for so much strength. And we should share it.

Just something I’ve been thinking about since yesterday.

(Also, I should be doing homework right now.)



Little Things.

Hey hey hey,

Just popping into to say that I just got my butt whooped at Saturday morning strength training and it was awesome! Over the last couple weeks I have noticed changes in my body and it’s really really cool. Who would’ve guessed that consistence strength training would give you results!? ;]

Oh, and also another small little thing, I’ll be spending July in Mexico teaching English…. I am so incredibly excited — you have no idea! 😀


Feliz Sabado!

Tengo hacer tarea!



In the beginning…

My healthy lifestyle is not even a year old. I’m not 100% sure of the actual date I decided to make the switch, but I’m going to go with somewhere in mid June 2013.

I’ve learned a lot since then and I’ve changed the way I eat and treat my body with the information I pick up on.

For example, I’m a firm believer that your body craves what it needs (to an extent, of course.) Last week, I unintentionally carboloaded because I was out of town and carby foods are typically the cheapest and most convenient. I kicked myself for it at the time, but that weekend I went on my 15 mile long run. Never hit the wall once. I had blueberries in my baby fanny pack and I didn’t need to touch them once. Heck to the yeah.

So today, I finally caved and made muffins. I had been wanting to make muffins to stash in my freezer, but I was too lazy until today. The muffins are fairly random but yummy. They are made with whole wheat, egg, milk, Greek yogurt, brown sugar, carrots, raisins, and nuts. As soon as they came out of the oven, I ate one. And then another. And then a third. An hour later, I are a fourth.

Along with a small cup of cereal with milk.

Um, what? The weirdest part was my stomach still didn’t feel truly satisfied. I didn’t get that urgh I’m full feeling.

I’m going to assume my body was in need of carbs and calcium. I know it wasn’t just a sugar craving, because I have 72% and 85% dark chocolate in my closet! Instead, my body chose to crave the wholesome muffins. No regrets.

This morning I ran 3.14 miles (hey it’s pi day!) at an 8:50 pace. That is insanely fast for me! Later, I ran the three stories of stairs by my apartment 5x. It wasn’t a whole lot of work to be craving carbs so badly, but my body knows what it needs better than I do.

Funny huh?

Anyway, back to the point. I initially started to eat healthy because I wanted to have bulging quads. No joke. That was my initial goal. I admire muscular legs more than anything else and that’s what I wanted.

Slowly but surely, that goal morphed into simply losing weight. I wasn’t counting calories, but i was very careful about what I ate. My only extra snack during the day was a pre workout snack.

Again, the goal morphed into losing weight and being muscular. So in order to do that, I started to ditch the pre workout snack. People, that is so dumb.

Thank the heavens, my goal shifted again to what it is now. Getting stronger every single day. I think what finally made that my goal was absolutely falling in love with running. And I haven’t looked back.

Now, I know to appreciate my body and everything it asks for. I’ve gained weight since officially realizing this goal, but I know it is from muscle.

To me, getting stronger and healthier is waaaaay better than just focusing on being skinny. I’ve developed physical and mental strength because of it.

I have one spectacular half marathon under my belt and now I’m so ready for more.

Rookie Tri -> Oilman Tri -> Ironman
Half marathon -> Marathon -> Ultra

You better believe it!

I know this post is pretty lengthy, but I felt the need to write this all out.

I dream of being an inspiration to many, because I know how inspiring some women for me (especially reading their blogs!)

Have a beautiful, wonderful, and healthy day!


Up & At ‘Em!

Good morning!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a bit hectic and I was exhausted!

It is currently 7:32 a.m. and I’ve already been up for an hour and had my breakfast. If you can’t tell, I am definitely a morning person! If that doesn’t convince you, then listen to what crazy things I did last night:

Fell asleep at 10 pm.

WOOOHOOOO, my first night as a college kid living on my own and I fell asleep at 10. But, hey, I’m not complaining, I enjoy my mornings! :] After all, look at my view: the sun is streaming in, a wonderful bowl of oatmeal {yes, I am obsessed}, and a strong cup of coffee. I am ready to tackle today! 


On the agenda for today is:

  • Strength train & stretch
  • Find a Woodforest
  • Patiently wait for the gas company to activate our gas
  • {Hopefully} take the bike route to school
  • And go to the Engineering Honors meet-up tonight

I’m trying to plan out my day so that I don’t feel like a lost puppy. I like having responsibilities, but I prefer them to be organized. 

On a complete tangent, if you are not a fan of oatmeal, I am here to tell you that you are wrong ❤ If you don’t like the texture, then I completely understand. I’m a texture person too. But, if you just don’t like how it tastes then try this combo: oats, almond butter {or PB}, banana, honey, cinnamon. OH MAN. Your life will be changed. Mine was. Now I’m just waiting a bit for my oatmeal to digest so that I can use it as fuel for my workout. 

I’m done rambling, sooooo have a VERY merry Monday {and the rest of the week!} :]