Oh Texas


TOMORROW IS RACE DAY. And guess what? It’s supposed to be real freaking cold.

I love Texas, but it’s pretty bipolar.

I trained in temps ranging from 80-100 degrees, but all it takes is one little cold snap for racing conditions to look like this:


Thank goodness for wetsuits. And today I’m going to buy a jacket (and possibly pants) for the ride.

This should be fun! πŸ˜‰


Remember that bucket list? I’ve been knocking things off and not blogging about them. Maybe I’ll catch up this week?

Anyway, I knocked one off today. The one that has been on every bucket list I’ve ever written: go bungee jumping.

My brother and I drove three hours to Dallas just to do this. He ended up jumping too and it was so worth it.









There are seriously no words to describe it.
I spent so much time trying to imagine what it’d be like once I got up there and I was still so blown away.
It was beautiful and amazing and terrifying and high and windy and exhilarating and freeing.
I knew that if I second guessed for even a moment I may panic, so the jumpmaster counted to three and I went.
I would do it a thousand more times.
People, I’ve been afraid of heights my whole life. It feels so amazing to punch that fear in the kidneys.

Any of my friends/family reading this that has ever had an inkling of desire to bungee jump: I WILL GO WITH YOU. And we will laugh the fear of it in the face.

Soar my friends.

McKinney Falls

I went to McKinney Falls State Park today! I came home from work, had an early lunch, then spontaneously threw water and an apple into my backpack and hit the road!

Oh and guess what, I live like 10 minutes away from the park. And I also put on some sunscreen and bug spray! πŸ˜‰

I brought my swimsuit because the falls are open for swimming but I decided to hike a trail instead.

I wore my fakeos. Fake chacos.

Here’s some pictures!








When I got home, I took a really intense nap. Seriously. I didn’t think I was going to fall asleep, but I ended up passing out for almost two hours. And I’m still so sleepy!

Tomorrow morning I have work and then my brother and I are driving to Dallas to go bungee jumping! πŸ˜€

Wish us luck!

Triathlon Thoughts in My Car

Oh hey!
I’m coming to you live from my car because my transition area is set up already and it’s cold outside!

It’s not actually cold, but when you’re wearing a swimsuit and sandals it’s pretty chilly.

Anyway, my transition area:

Oh yeah, and I got marked up too!


My number is written on both my thighs, arms, and my age is written on my right calf.

πŸ˜€ I’m getting a little nervous! But it’s a good nervous that’s full of excitement!

I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel for the Oilman Tri in November! :O

This morning I woke up to serious abdominal and back pain and I was pissed.

Luckily, through the power of positive thinking, I willed it away!

Also, if you were curious, my pre-race breakfast looked like this: (I eat this before every race!)
Oatmeal with banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, and chia seeds! Today I threw in some pumpkin because I’m a wild child it’s delicious.

Sabrina and Mathew are coming to watch today and I’m excited to have someone to cheer me on!

Wish me luck and happy Sunday!


The Rookie Tri

Is tomorrow! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I am so excited and ready!



can you tell? πŸ˜‰ hahaha! The shirt is so awesome too! Last time it was a black tech shirt… I HAVE ENOUGH TECH SHIRTS! So I was extremely pleased to reach into my bag and find this shirt. And it’s GREEN! (My favorite color!)

I have a good feeling about the race. I’ve trained for the swimming and running (duh) and I guess the bike too.
Swim hard, peddle, sprint. That’s the plan.

I don’t have any specific goals in mind, but I’d like to rank somewhere towards the top half of my grouping! Although, I’m not 100% sure what my group is… Haha!

Last time I did the race was in 2012 and these were my stats… (The bottom row!)

Yeaaaah, not too hot. Buuuuut that was ~40 pounds ago and I’d like to think I’m in much better shape. πŸ˜‰
Also, I got a flat tire during the bike! Sooo knock on wood that doesn’t happen again!

So I guess you can say that my goal for the Rookie Tri is to crush my old times. Yeah, what’s better than competing against your self?! Nothing.

Aaaaand I’d like to clock 8:15 minute/miles for the run. Ambitious? You betcha.

I’m not too worried! I’m so pumped!

I’ll let you know how it goes after the race tomorrow!
I haven’t practiced transitions… Yikes. So I might fit that in today!
Hahaha, oh well! Living life on the edge, right? πŸ˜€

Have a wonderful first Saturday of May!

P.S. I reached my April mileage goal! 100 miles baby. I also procrastinated this so I ran 11 miles on 4/29 and 9 miles on 4/30… I don’t taper well!


My Fav Foods: Because You Need to Know.

As I’m killing time before my run (letting my lunch digest), I mentally attempted to formulate a Top 10 Favorite Foods list… I completely failed. If you read my twitter, you’ll see me professing my love for random foods on a pretty daily basis!

What can I say? I love all foods. All foods are bae. Yes, BAE. As a runner and nutrition major, food is almost constantly on my mind. And I’m hungry a lot. And I eat a lot more than people expect. Also, I have a bad habit of inhaling my food sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not enjoying every single piece! πŸ˜‰

HAHAHA, but without further adieu, here’s a list of the foods that popped into my head when trying to make the Top 10 list:

AKA: Foods typically on my grocery list:
Nut butters
Whole wheat bagels (UNTOASTED)
English muffins
Bread of any kind
Greek yogurt
Olive oil and vinegar
Strawberry jam
Brussel sprouts
Sweet potatoes
Frozen waffles
Raw nuts
Frozen pineapple chunks
Dried apricots
Honey Nut Cheerios
Tuna in a can (yes. I’m weird.)

Now let’s enter the less often, less healthy yet equally as delicious section of the list:
Frozen yogurt
Pita chips
Pizza pizza pizza (but it depends on the quality of the crust)
These freaking delicious gluten free muffins we sell at work
Ice cream
Really cheesy things. Any cheesy thing.
Hamburgers and French fries.
Practically any kind of fruit or nut pie
Chick fila
Whataburger chicken strips with BBQ sauce
Chipotle burrito bowl with a buttload of the tortilla chips and GUAC

Yes. What does your list look like?

Also, I am more than 100% sure that I left out a ton of delicious things on accident. Not to worry, they still hold a special place in my heart.

Now I’m hungry again. πŸ˜‰

Oh and here’s a picture of my staring into your soul. Okay byeeeee


Fall 2014: The Semester Juliana’s Brain Exploded

Good morning!
I’m currently sitting outside my 8 a.m. attempting to will the caffeine in my system to actually wake me up. Hahahaha! Actually, I saved this as a draft and now I’m killing time before I clock into work for my 8.5 hour shift! :O

Only one more week of class and then finals. I have two final tests and a final essay, but I’m not too worried! I’m ready for Dead Days so that I can truly get in the study zone.

I am beyond ready for summer and freedom and fun.
However, just a couple days ago I registered for my fall semester.

6 classes for 16 hours + the class I’m an UGLA for. it’s going to be a busy semester. But I’m pumped!

Here are my classes:

Biochemical, physiological, and cellular functions of energy macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and the scientific basis for current dietary and nutrient recommendations. Designed for science majors.

Basic principles of Mendelism, molecular genetics, structure and function of genes and chromosomes, populations and evolution.

Essential food components and their functions in life processes.

Primarily for premedical, predental, life sciences, and pharmacy majors. Development of organic chemical structure, nomenclature, and reactivity.

Collection and evaluation of dietary intake data, nutrient composition of food, and survey of dietetic practice.

The nature of human societies, social processes, social interaction, and the sociological approach.

+the UGS course that I’m an assistant for! I’m required to attend, but I didn’t have to register for it!

Aaaahhhh wish me luck! πŸ™‚
Science science science science! Haha I think my brain will be stuffed by next Christmas!

I’m beyond pleased that I’m done with math though! πŸ˜‰

Are you in school?
What’s your major?
And what’s your schedule like?

If you’re not in school, any tips to help me survive! πŸ˜€
On the plus side, I think I’ve got studying down now!



Mr. Natural

Okay okay, I know… I’ve posted a lot! But I have one more thing to say today!

This morning I tweeted that today was going to be a great day! And it has been!

I got out of my chem lab a whopping two hours early! I decided to bike a different route home to try and find a health food store I had driven past once!

It’s called Mr. Natural and it’s a store/restaurant/bakery! The store itself was more like all natural supplements and such, so I wasn’t too interested. However, I was drawn to the menu!

The restaurant looks delicious, but I was only wanting a snack before I rode the rest of the way home.

All the bakery items were made with simple, wholesome ingredients and were almost all vegan! {The restaurant is all vegetarian!}

I asked for the chocolate chip cookie, but the lady gave me the chocolate chip scone. I wasn’t complaining. I love scones. It was almost vegan, too. But it had honey!


It was so dense and delicious. I ate about half of it in the sunshine by my bike before I rode home and ate the other half!

It was amazing! I’m thinking about making it a Wednesday tradition! : )


P.S. Having lunch there totally got added to my bucket list!

An Unexpected Tuesday Ten

Howdy y’all! ; )

Guess what? I’m typing this up on a Mac right now!! Haha, the office in my apartment complex has one so I decided to use it.

Anyway, on to the point of this post!

Today, I ran an unexpected ten miles!


I have a test tonight and I’m not schedule to work until Friday, so I have a lot of free time this week. I decided to take advantage of that and make it a peak training week.

Nonetheless, when I headed out for my run today, I was planning to do 7 or maybe 8 miles.Β 

Eventually though, I got in the groove and felt like I was gliding (IΒ love that feeling) so I just kept going!

The weather is lower 70s, sunny, and very very windy. There were a few moments that I thought I was going to be blown over! But I persevered : )

I finally checked my Nike app to see that I had gone 7.56 miles! I was close to home and could’ve stopped, but I thought “hey, in math class, that would round to 10, so I’m going to do 10!”

My mind works in silly ways. ; D

When I got home, I was so hot and thirsty! I had carried my Camelbak handheld with me, but warm water is NOT refreshing when you’re getting pretty hot!

I was (and still am) craving froyo in a major way. Maybe I can rope someone into going with me…

Anyway, I stretched, made myself a PB+J, took a shower, made a real dinner of eggs, spinach, salsa, avocado and then baby carrots with hummus. T’was scrumptious!

Pretty soon I am going to head to campus to cram a bit more and then tackle that chemistry test!

Our last test was the day after I had been broken up with… Sooo as you can imagine, my head was not in a good place and I did pretty poorly on the test.

Lucky for me, my prof drops the lowest test grade, and I’m coming at this one with vengeance! ;]

Now I’m just debating whether or not that froyo is going to happen… {Sabrina and Mathew could come… It’d be my treat! Haha!}

Peace out!



Do you crave anything after you workout?


Monday Mania

Hey hey! Happy Monday!
Lucky for me, I am done with classes for the day.

My Monday looked a bit like this:
-Breakfast {two waffles w/ almond butter, pumpkin, banana, cinnamon, honey, and chia seeds}
-Ride to school
-1000 yard swim (!!)
-Lunch break
-Body weight exercises

{I used the mats on the indoor track. I hadn’t been there in forever! Outside > inside.}
-Chem lab (yuck)
-Ride home
-Afternoon snack {0% Greek w/ almond butter, blueberries, Cheerios}

I have studying to do and a work meeting later, but other than that, I’m just chilling! : )

I figured I would catch you guys up on some happenings as of late…

I got accepted as an undergraduate assistant for next semester!

I celebrated by going on a 10 mile run with this quote on my mind!

Muh gurl Erica came into town! We were both commenting on how we can definitely NOT pull off baseball hats.

Aaaaaand that’s all the pictures I have. Haha oops!

Now I need to go procrastinate by reading other blogs!

Have a wonderful week!