May May May

Hey hey happy May!

The best month of the year, fo sho. My birthday month! Bungee jumping, school ending, Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo, the a Rookie Tri, Autism Speaks 8K, graduation parties, and friend reunions are just a couple things I’m looking forward to this May! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited to savor every single day of May, but I’m also incredibly pumped for June…

Why, you ask?


We’ll go through TX and New Mexico and then Colorado!

YAYAYAYAYAY. I’m sure it will be full of craziness. And she sure can count on me keeping my eyes peeled for awesome places to run!

Heck yes. I need to take off work though.

I’m still so so so excited. I’ve never gone on a road trip myself and I am beyond ready to!

Does anyone know of any really cool places to stop between Austin, TX and Colorado?! Let me know!


P.S. Do you have any exciting summer plans?

4 thoughts on “May May May

  1. bungee! what? Oh my word, you are a dare devil! Guess what? My birthday is in May too!! That’s right and I also get to celebrate my anniversary because I got married in May and since I have three little people I have a third celebration called Mothers Day. May is all kinds of party for me!! Sounds like you have some really great things ahead of you!

  2. I’m taking two courses at lonestar. Calc 1 and calc 2. I think I may have already told you that.
    Also, today I got an email informing me that the application I gave to the hospital here in College Station for a volunteer position got approved and they gave me some shifts to choose from! The one I hope I really get is in the NICU. I just think that would be so great for me! I’m super pumped. But not pumped about having to make a trip to College Station from Magnolia every Friday 😦 Oh well! It’s so super worth it!
    Also, my cousin invited me to go to Oklahoma with her. She’s renting a cabin and we’re going to do naturey things there. I think it will be a lot of fun since our normal summmer scene in at the beach. This will be different. I’M EXCITED!

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