Today I’ve been thinking about road tripping.

I really want to get away. I want to watch the landscape speed past. I want to roll down the windows and let my hair whip in the wind. I want to worry about making it to the next gas station.

I want to see things that are bigger than I am. I want to be stunned by the enormity of a tree or waterfall or rock formation.

I want to turn my phone off for a week.

I want to feel the sun on my skin. I want pictures to be ruined by sun glare.

I want to cross into new time zones. I want to try terrible coffee. (Erica will totally get that.)

I want to stumble upon awesome towns. I want to get bored of the same stretch of highway for 300 miles.

I want to appreciate a bed after being in a car for so long. I want to camp under the stars.

I want to throw my head back and laugh. I want to dance on the side of the road.

I want to kayak and swim and fly and ride and cliff dive.

I want to get lost.

I want to take candid pictures.

One of my favorite feelings is being in a moment and realizing “this is it.” This is the type of moment you’ll look back at one day and cherish and long for. And it’s happening now.

It takes my breath away.

Life is good.


2 thoughts on “Breathless

  1. I was literally just talking and planning a road trip thinking I need more people. Cost is a lot less when there are more people LOL. I don’t know when but if you’re interested totally let me know.!

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