I’ve been watching old dance videos tonight and it’s got me thinking hard.

I’ve watched old solos of mine (some I don’t even remember performing!), duets, and team dances from a wide range of years.

They mostly make me smile and sometimes cringe. A flexed foot or wrongly bent leg still makes me shudder to this day!

Regardless, I realized how thankful I was for that past. And I thought about how dancing wasn’t just a sport for me, it truly was an outlet. I worked through hard times in my life by actually dancing through them. I got to tell my own personal story on the gym floor.

And now, I don’t dance so much anymore. By no means is this a bad thing for me, it’s just fascinating. There are so many different sources, hobbies, and people I go to in my life now when I need to just let it all out.

Although I do enjoy a good improv session from time to time.

I like the fact that I’m not the same person now as I was dancing all those years ago. I like the fact that I’m not the same person now that I was last week.

I like the fact that looking back to a year ago, two years, five years, can evoke such deep memories and feelings and thoughts. I like the fact that all that time was slowly preparing me for what is happening now and what is yet to come.

When I was afraid or impatient or joyous and carefree, all of that was boiling down to now. Or tomorrow.

All those hours in the dance studio, all that time on the stage or gym floors, brought me to where I am today. And my cup runneth over.



P.S. I danced to Turning Page x Sleeping At Last my junior year and I still can listen to that song without ever getting sick of it.


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