the sunlight you possess

I am extremely nervous to post this. Mostly because it’s poetry, which makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. I used to write poems when I was young and do it every now and then. I write them like a stream of consciousness. Whatever happens to come out of my mind and heart ends up on a paper and I call it a poem. This was more for me than anyone else, but enjoy nonetheless.

I hope for you when the dark feels too empty. When it feels so lonely. Like a well with no bottom. A ghost ship with no sailors.

I visualize you. In my mind. In my heart, when I know your breathing is ragged. Your breaths broken. I see your chest heavy and sagging.

I trace the lines on your face. Of victory, success. of failure, pain. The worn leathers of a ride too long.

Sister, take my hand. You can stand. I felt the earth shake with every step you took. There’s a power in those soles. One that rattles the world. Shifts the very ground upon which we stand.

Brother, lean on me. You are not alone in this. Shed your mask. For your face is pure and flawless. There is no shame in your struggle. It is this fight that forges strength greater than you’ve ever known.

Lift your head. To the sun. The stars. The sky. The expanse is more grand than we could imagine. But we try. There’s a hope in our hearts. A hope that cannot be squashed by the wicked lies in our minds and hearts.

For you and I will rise above the pain we feel. The love we will show the world, no being, mighty or small, we be able to hide from it.

Let the sunlight you possess touch every inch of this earth. Every speck of life will be alight.

When you feel your darkest, sister.

When you feel your darkest, brother.

The light in your stirs.

Open your windows. Your palms. Your eyes. Your heart. Let it out.

Let it out to share with the world.

But within you, still, it will burn brightest.

Much love,


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