Half Marathon.


In November 2011, I “ran” a half marathon in 3:15. I know, call me speed racer. Afterwards, I learned real quick that it was easy for me to lose my ability to run far distances, even at such a snail speed. 

Well, I have devised a person half marathon training plan, although there is no race I’m working towards. I just want to go the distance. 

On the agenda for today is:

1.75 mi @ 10:23 min/mi @ 0.5 incline + strength training


I’m so incredibly excited about the training plan, but the thing is it goes from now until December 29th. So, I need to be held accountable. 

The plan consists of 3 running days, cross training days, 1.5 strength training days, {sometimes 2} rest days, and LOTS of stretching and yoga. 

I’ll need everyone to keep my accountable because I know that I’ll get stressed and busy and lazy sometimes! 




Enjoy these wise words.


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