Race Recap

Good morning folks! How’s your Monday going so far?! Swimmingly, I hope! 🙂

I’m currently at Jiffy Lube finally getting an oil change, but later I’m kayaking with a friend and then we’re going to eat Mexican food to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Kicking off Hell Week the right way.

Anyway, so if you didn’t already know, the Rookie Tri was yesterday! It was amazing. I have so much to say about it so I’m going to try to break it down chronologically.

1) Transition set up:
I didn’t forget anything! Hallelujah. Haha, I set up my little space really quickly too.

Of course before entering the transition area, I got body marked. They wrote on my arms, thighs, and calves in Sharpie and I still can’t get it off! Hahaha! I was wearing a pair of old sandals while setting up and there were these prickly burrs poking through my sandals and leaving splinters in my feet!!! Horrible, right?! Even worse, they were in the transition area. So when you leave the swim to transition for the bike, you’re running through there barefoot. But we’ll get to that experience.

2) Yoga:
They had warm up yoga! Haha it was nice and I’d really like to try practicing yoga pretty regularly.

3)The Swim:
Holy guacamole folks. I got out of the swim, looked down at my watch, and the first thing out of my mouth was “that was so slow!” It was insanity. First off, I didn’t train in open water. Secondly, I was kicked more than expected. Third, I was kicked by a woman doing backstroke. Like whaaaat?! Fourth, the water was so cold. I didn’t warm up at all during the swim like I expected too. My lungs hurt by the time I finished because it was so cold.


3) Swim to Bike transition:
I ran trudged up the hill to the transition area. On my way to my bike I stepped all over the burrs so a good portion of my time was spent getting the stickers out of my feet! 😦 Alas, I survived!


4) The Bike:
11 miles of pure hillyness. I was not properly trained for the bike, let alone hills. However, I was peeved with my swim time so I kicked it up a notch and pushed until my legs burned more than they ever had.

Also, at one point there was a steep downhill with a curve at the bottom and they warned to slow down for the curve. Of course, once you turn the curve there was another steep hill. Yay! 😉

5) Bike to Run transition:
Oh baby, I was excited. The best event was saved for last! My transition took 56 seconds.

I threw off my helmet, hung up my bike, pulled my visor on and was ready to party.

6) The Run:
I couldn’t really feel my legs. Hahaha, but they somehow managed to crank out 8:16 minute miles 😀 I was so giddy during the whole run. Erica was near the finish line to cheer me to the end so I sprinted!


7) The TROPHY:
I got third in my age group! Whaaaaaat.

It was awesome!

Overall, it was an awesome race! I ended up so pleased with how I did. I learned a bunch about how I need to
train for the Oilman… Read: Brick workouts and transition practices… Haha!

After all this, I’m still waiting on my car! Lame. But oh well!

Life is grand!

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