Dear Future Self

A lot of people write letter’s to their younger selves. Giving advice and words of wisdom as if it’s like actually going back in time.

I decided to write a letter to my future self. I’ve had this blog for over two years now and it has become an online diary of sorts for me in the sense that going back to 2013 and 2014 Juliana is always so strange to me. What a very different person I was then. And what a very different person I will be in the future.

So here it goes…

Dear Future Self,

If there’s any advice I can give you at the young age of 20, it’s this:

Just live.

I know what you’re thinking: oh, Juliana. You were so embarrassing and young and inexperienced.

But you know what else? I’m living as fully as I can or know how to as of now.

What are you doing?

Maybe you’re doing well, Juliana. Maybe you’re kicking ass. Maybe you feel tired and sad and unlike yourself. That’s okay. We’ve been there.

Here’s what you’ve got to do, future Juliana. You’ve got to love wholeheartedly. Love everything you do. Love everyone you meet.

Please don’t apologize for the way you’ve been living (if you feel the need to).

Future Jul, are you making 20 year old me proud? Does that actually matter? Oh, Ju. You’ve probably got a lot going on.

Just do it as yourself. That’s what I want.

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