full -3/12/16 edition 

Tomorrow Patrick and I leave for Peru.

I can’t explain how stupidly excited I am.

It’s so much more than a spring break vacation! Travel is always so much more than a vacation!

People that I’ve never met before. Cultures I’ve never experienced. Food I’ve never tried. Places I’ve never visited. Beautiful interactions I’ve never witnessed.

Tomorrow will be a long day of flying and Monday will be a long day of ground travel, but it’ll be more worth it than can be vocalized.

So much people watching. So many people and unique stories and lives. 

Traveling is always more.

I can’t wait to speak Spanish. I can’t wait to communicate with and observe others. I can’t wait to feel so at home while so far away.

My heart is so full. And we’re not even there yet! 

What a life this is, friends. So beautiful and wild and messy and real and worth it. So so so worth it.

We bought these tickets on October 26, 2015 on a whim. Truly. A day after finding them, they were purchased. 

Take the leap. Always. Let life change you in the way that it will.

Feel fully whatever it needs to throw at you. Don’t resist one ounce of that experience.

Life’s got a lot to teach us.

And I’ve never been so excited to learn. 

Much love,


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