Sister Runs.


I just finished up on some homework & now I’m chilling until Sabrina and I go running around Town Lake!

The weather is so so so nice! :]

Today’s run in 5.75 miles because I missed it this weekend & tomorrow’s run is 6.00 miles!

I’m very happy that Sabrina agreed to run with me because it motivates me a ton!

Sometimes she’ll come run with me on the indoor track in Gregory and we normally end up running apart because we have slightly different paces. But still, it’s motivating to have someone else running too, especially because I feel like I’m being chased so I need to run faster. Haha! 

Anyway, today was pretty good. The weather was AMAZING this morning. It’s gotten into the 80s now, but I’m not complaining because that’s waaaay better than 90-100s. 

I sat outside this morning after the second half of my calculus test to work on some school work and I did not want to get up to go inside for chemistry. It was too nice!

However, this afternoon my throat was really bothering me. I don’t know if it was allergies or just from sitting in the cold, but it hurt. I drank some hot green tea on the bus ride to go back to campus for bio discussion and it’s gone now, so I’m really hoping it doesn’t come back.

On a completely unrelated note,


He’s coming up on Thursday night {I think} and staying until Sunday. I’m sooooo excited.

I found a pumpkin patch on a farm around Bastrop and if the weather is cool enough, WE ARE GOING!

There’s even a corn maze!!


Also, I’ve made the decision to skip my calc & BME discussion tomorrow. Why? Because I finished all my calc HW {which is all we do in discussion} and we haven’t learned anything new in BME. Another plus is that by doing this my first class won’t be until 12:30! So I can wake up later than normal and go on my run around my house and then take a shower and have breakfast and do some chem studying and then head to campus. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY.

Okay, that’s all!

Have a good October day!





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