Here’s what I do want to do today:

1. Finish studying chem.

2. Go on a run.

3. Make hot chocolate {and drink it!}

4. Blast Christmas music & decorate for Christmas.

5. Buy a little Christmas tree.

6. Cook a nice dinner to have with friends and family.

7. Play in some snow.

8. Open a surprise present.


Sadly, here’s what I have to do today:

1. Keep studying for chem.

2. 8 am calc discussion.

3. 9:30 computing discussion.

4. 12:30 UGS.

5. RUN {thank goodness!}

6. 5 pm computing

7. Wait for the bus.

8. Cook a dinner for myself 😦


Wish me luck.

As the semester approaches its end, my motivation dwindles as well.


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