A Belated Valentine…

Heads up, this post may be ALL over the place. I’m just so happy and there’s so much to share, so it might get a bit jumbled… I’ll do my best to go in order!

This weekend I headed back to Magnolia to visit and celebrate Valentine’s Day with Alex! If you regularly read my blog, you know that Alex was supposed to come to Austin, but eh life happens. As always, I had a good time! I never thought I’d really care about going back to my home town, but I really love it. Of course, the people I go back to are the biggest factor, but there’s also something so sweet about escaping the busyness that is Austin.

Alex and I saw the Lego movie and it was hilarious. Alex had already seen it, but I hadn’t and I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it was!

He got me a giant bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day :] They are now sitting on my desk!

Saturday morning I woke up and headed back to Austin. I had work! But first, I met with my dad, Erica, Sabrina, and Luke at Whole Foods for lunch and then we went to the half marathon expo! Did you forget?! My half marathon was yesterday, but I’m getting there… ;]

I had a closing shift on Saturday, but I already had all my gear packed for the next morning. So as soon as I got home, I took a hot shower and got in bed and passed out!

5 a.m. on Sunday morning my alarm went off. At first, I was wondering why I had set an alarm and almost turned it off! But then I remembered about my race and hopped out of bed!

I downed a bowl of oatmeal w/ PB, 1/2 banana, blueberries, cinnamon, flax & chia seeds, and a cup of coffee. Then I headed to my dad’s hotel to meet him and Erica!

For my race, I wanted to run it in 2:15. Sub 2:15 would be the best, but I would just be happy somewhere around 2:15. Well, at the expo {I had to leave early for work} my family had picked me up a tattoo with mile splits on it for a 2:10 half marathon.

Once I had the tattoo on, I decided to attempt it. Why not? Worse comes to worst, I slow down and go for the 2:15.

Well, during the race, my body had other plans. I finished my race in 2:05. WITH ALL THE HILLS IN IT TOO.

I nearly cried when I crossed the line.

I love to run.

Every moment I felt tired or weak or hurting, I digged deeper and pushed harder.

So that leads me to my belated valentine…

My body.

Every morning I wake up and stand in front of the mirror and scrutinize my body. Sometimes I think “yay, I’m not so bloated today” and other days I feel like a whale.

But none of that matters. Because you are always stronger than you think you are. Always.

My avg pace for the entire half was 9:33. Never ever would I have dreamed of doing that, but my body had the confidence that my mind did not.


To be honest, while running, my mind was almost completely blank. I was just so in tune with my body and how strong I felt that I just couldn’t think of anything else.

Thank you, body. For always being there for me. Whether it means sprinting a half marathon, holding two minute planks, or doing push ups until I can’t. You’re the best. And I’m sorry for any hurtful words or thoughts I have hurled at you. You are so undeserving of that.

You have freaking awesome calf muscles and quads and abs that are slowly starting to show. Your biceps actually pop out when you flex hard enough! ;] So thank you. I love you.

I strongly believe that if you have faith in yourself, you can accomplish anything. And by anything, I mean anything.

So try it for yourself.

Love and believe in yourself.



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