19 Things I Now Know

Oh hey, today’s my 19th birthday. And it has been such an amazing today! I was going to run 19 miles today, but ended up only doing 5 because of some weird back issues. My age is catching up with me… TOTALLY KIDDING!

Anyway, while I was running, I was thinking about how amazing everyone has been to me. I have felt showered in love from friends and family. I wish everyone could feel like this every single day, not just on their birthdays! Another thing I thought about is how amazing my 19 years of life have been. Sure, I’ve had ups and downs, but I have had nineteen years of life. And that is enough to fill me with pure joy.

There are children that do not get to reach this age. There are parents that do not get to throw 19th birthday parties.

I am so thankful and grateful for today. And everyday.

I started to compose a list of 19 things I have learned in these 19 years. Some are personal to me and some are pretty general. Nonetheless, it kept me entertained throughout my painful run and it kept me so joyful to be alive.

19 Things I Now Know:

1. Love others with all you’ve got. Never go halfway.
2. Coffee is best when made at home.
3. Some people are lost to the fire, others are born from it. Be the Phoenix.
4. Never ever ever give up. Anything is possible. Anything.
5. Don’t let others bring you down. “Birds peck at the ripest fruit.”
6. It’s okay to grieve and hurt. It’s not okay to make others feel that way.
7. When everything breaks down, you have two options: Lie with the rubble or build.
8. Not everything in your life will go to plan, but everything will be okay.
9. Your parents will love you even if you secretly get your nose pierced or change your major. Promise.
10. You’ll meet someone that will learn to know you better than you know yourself. That’s a true best friend. Never let ’em go.
11. Smiles are contagious.
12. Strive to inspire, not impress.
13. Sometimes your inner peace is more important than studying.
14. Don’t eat globs of peanut butter right before you run. Trust me.
15. Laughing while crying tears of joy may be the most exhilarating experience ever.
16. Just eat the dang scone. It’s going to be delicious.
17. Give people some credit. Remember, everyone’s just as human as you.
18. Hot showers and comfy pillows are good for the soul.
19. You are beautiful and talented and wonderful and smart and worth everything in the world. Never ever forget that.

Happy Wednesday, my friends.


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