My soulmate & people.

Today Erica tweeted about something hilarious. I smiled and laughed at the memory and then decided it was a story worthy of the blog. (And there will be random photos from our trip thrown in).

{The real, Juliana heart-spiel is at the bottom.}

Almost exactly a year ago, I dragged my little sister (Erica) on a road trip to Colorado Springs. It was my first time venturing off on my own, with no parents, and no family waiting for us on the other end. We took my car and we broke the trip there into two segments: we drove to Lubbock, stayed the night, and then drove all the way to Colorado.

Along the way I have memories of Erica’s severe road rage (seriously, she’s scary), miles and miles of windmills (which I oddly hated), making spinach hummus wraps in the middle of no where New Mexico, drinking a terrible excuse for iced coffee, and cringing at old Youtube videos of me singing that Erica decided to remind me of.


One of the first orders of business when we arrived in Colorado Springs was to find me some awesome local coffee shop. I mean, come on, this is me we’re talking about.

We eventually decided on a place called Kangaroo Coffee that was about a mile or two from our hotel. On the way there, I constantly told Erica that I had a weird craving for an iced dirty chai latte, which is not something I would normally choose for myself (black iced coffee or go home), but it sounded excellent.

We pulled up to this tiny building that had either a walk up window or wrap around drive thru. Erica waited in the car and I walked up to the window to come face to face with the most handsome barista I have ever seen in my life. I’m talking Joseph Gordon-Levitt with blonde hair and a scrappy Colorado outdoorsy vibe. Holy moley.


Before I could even open my mouth, this guy looked me straight in the eyes and said “You look like you could use an iced chai with a few shots!”


Mind reader or special connection? You decide. 😉


We then proceeded to talk about why I was visiting Colorado and what I should do with my time there.

When he handed me my drink, he also gave me a 10 visit stamp card and stamped 8 of the boxes while claiming that it was “Triple Stamp Tuesday” and said he hoped to see me again soon.

“What a friendly dude!” I thought to myself.

As I told Erica the story once I was back in the car, she immediately decided that Barista Man and myself were OBVIOUSLY soulmates. And I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with this at first sight?


I kid, I kid.

We actually ended up going back the next day and I talked to him again while I was there, but that was it.

Erica was extremely disappointed that I didn’t sporadically act on this clearly Disney worthy-once in a lifetime-long lost soulmate connection.

All because he happened to guess my drink.


It’s funny how clearly the memory of that dude has stayed in my brain. That road trip as whole was pretty awesome, except for when Erica almost made us run out of gas in the middle of no where. 110% her fault. Don’t ever let her try to convince you otherwise.


We meet people throughout our lives and they leave an oddly lasting impact. I honestly believe that everyone we meet and encounter and interact with walks into our lives for a reason. Sometimes we meet people that challenge us and make us grow as people (they are my favorite). Sometimes we meet people that just make us happy. Sometimes we meet people who, in the end, are not meant to stay. And all of those things are okay. Because each person we meet has a profound effect on us in one way or another. Kangaroo Coffee guy was incredibly kind to me and made me feel very welcome in CO. Or maybe he was my soulmate. We will never know. But what I do know is that we should take the time to cherish who we have in our lives. Maybe we can take a moment to reflect on our friends and our family and think about all they have done for us by simply being who they are. I know that in my life I have met people that have made me think deeply and work to be a better person. I also know that I have encountered people that have given me the opportunity to open my heart and share it.

I don’t like shallow. When I meet people, I immediately want to get real and deep with them. Cut the “what’s your major” crap. And the “any exciting summer plans?” garbage. I want to know what makes you tick. Tell me: what wakes you up in the morning? what makes you smile when no one else is around? Let’s talk about life and goals and dreams and who we are as people and who we can be.

Let’s be constructive to each other. Let’s help each other build and grow and become.

I hope, so deeply that you have someone in your life that you can just be honest and real with. Someone that will listen to you at your lowest points and love you anyway. Someone that will cry tears of joy with you when you feel like your cup runneth over. Someone that enjoys you as you. Someone that asks you hard questions and makes you really think. Someone that doesn’t care what you’re wearing or how you look, but only what you’re feeling and thinking.

I want that for you.

So so badly. And I hope you meet your own Kangaroo Coffee man. A random, attractive barista that makes you think deeply a year later on a Saturday night.

See? Everyone has meaning in our lives.


Life is good.



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