Be good to me.

Be good to me this semester, ATX. Just like you were today.

It is seriously a beautiful day here! It was also my first day of this semester. Here’s how it went:

  • Wake up @ 7 a.m., have iced coffee and GrapeNuts (w/ blueberries!), say goodbye to Alex.
  • Head to campus.
  • BIO 311D from 9-10. I think I’m going to like it! My prof may be a little nutz-o, but I can handle it! Haha!
  • CH 302 from 10-11. My professor is hilarious aaaaaand I met a girl that’s majoring in Nutrition while doing pre-med! Just like I want to do! It was really freaking awesome.
  • CH 317 from 11-12. I have that class with a friend from Magnolia! We had no clue! Also, my prof is British aaaand we don’t start lab until the 27th. And the labs all seem really cool. And we only have lecture on days we start labs… So like once every other week!
  • Eat lunch while walking to a shady parking lot that’s doubling as a bookstore to get my Course Packet for American Lit. People, it’s two big books. HOLY MOLEY.
  • Finally get on the bus to go home.
  • Get hit with a hunger attack because my lunch was wimpy.
  • Head to Sabrina’s to give and get something.
  • Then, Sabrina, Mathew and Bolt came with me to Mt. Bonnell! I ran the stairs 5 times and did push ups, tricep dips, and a 2 min plank in between! 🙂 The weather was so beautiful!
  • Image
  • Get back to my house and immediately go outside and lay by the pool.
  • Image
  • Finally, I came back in, made myself iced green tea and took a shower.
  • Then I did my homework and now I’m here!

It’s been a pretty great day! I love this kind of weather. It makes me want to play outside and go swimming and drink virgin pina coladas. Hahahaha! :]

Here’s to hoping for an even better tomorrow!



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